'Survivor: One World': Predictions for Last 5 Surviving Survivor's

Kat Edorsson

I hate to put Kat in my final five, but the numbers seem to be on her side. If the women’s alliance sticks together the rest of the season, I think she can play the social game and stay around for a while. Her downfall is going to be her getting on peoples nerves. I can just see her, in the future, chatting away while her tribe mates roll their eyes. If she does get this far, I hope it’s with great game play and strategy, and not because she’s riding coattails. She will make it the final five, but I don’t see her getting further than that. Who knows though, she may just catch appendicitis from Colton and have to be evacuated! Watch out Kat, I heard it’s contagious.

Christina Cha

I don’t know when I became a Christina fan, but ever since she became the under dog, I’ve been hoping she can pull the numbers on her side and make it far. She’s hard working, stays out of the way, and has a heart of gold. Who other than Christina, would take care of a sick tribes mate after he had told her to jump into a fire? I think if she can join with the men, they will take care of her. With the way votes are going, this is still a game of women vs. men. The problem for Christina is that the women are not a fan of her, but since the men need numbers, I’m sure they’ll gladly take her in. Here’s to hoping she makes it far!

Kim Spradlin

I haven’t seen much of Kim in this season yet, but in the latest episode, episode 24.8, she has proven herself in the game. She almost won the individual immunity and in doing so proved her amazing mental and physical strength. She is a strong competitor and great strategist. The people in her alliance are just not as strong as she is, but they may help get her far. In the end it will be up to her to make it to the final 3! I’m actually really looking forward to seeing more of her as the season continues. I’m unsure of her long-game strategy at this point, but I hope she does not stick with the women’s alliance. I, like most people, am a fan of seeing strong people go to the end. I would love to see her go far and compete with strong other strong competitors.

Troyzan Robertson

There is a one word reason for why Troyzan is going to make it far in the game, and that word is: IDOL!  He has the idol, and I’m confident that if Troyzan is forced to use his idol, he will also be the survivor who finds the next hidden idol. Not only does Tryozan have the idol on his side, but he is also well liked by his tribe. He is not as much of a physical threat as some of his other tribe mates, making him less likely to be voted out early. Troyzan’s likable personality may get him far in life, but may be his downfall at the jury. Nobody wants to have the most likable guy as their opposition during the jury vote. Some people use people to get them far, Troyzan’s best strategy is to use idol. If he stays a strong likable player, and finds more idols, I’m sure he will at least make it to the final two.

Jay Byars

It was not until this past episode, episode 24.8, that I realized just how much of a threat Jay really is. He is both a strategic and physical threat, who has yet to burn bridges, which is great for jury votes. His strongest attribute is that is not oblivious to what other alliances may be up to. Knowing that the women outnumber the men, Jay did not vote off the strongest male competitor, because he knew if he did the girls would vote him off next. This seems so obvious to viewers of the show, but on the island it always seems like a different story. Players are always so quick to join sides with an alliance when it means their name isn’t going to be written down, but Jay’s move truly show that he’s looking 2 steps ahead. If Jay can break up the women and get the numbers back on his side he will have the momentum to go far and win the title of “soul Survivor”!

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