Paradise Fears: 'Yours Truly' Album Review

In June of 2011 a small town band, Paradise Fears, released their first full length album produced by Kenneth Mount, Zack Odom (Mayday Parade, Cartel), and Jordan Schmidt (All Time Low, Sing it Loud).

Yours Truly consists of 11 pop-rock songs centered on love gained and love lost. With their catchy choruses and passionate lyrics, one can agree that this album is one to keep on replay “for days.”

Paradise Fears used beautiful, softer lyrics and melody in Here to Stay, Get to You, and Yours Truly to help balance out the more rough and rock-ish style of  Violet, Last Breath, and Waste of Time. This album reaches both sides of the spectrum for their fans (who greatly appreciated the same method on their earlier EP: Make Them Believe).

Sam Miller (lead singer) captivates his audience with his unique, yet soothing, natural voice. The rest of the musicians; Cole Andre (guitar), Lucas Zimmerman (drums), Jordan Merrigan (guitar), Michael Walker (piano) and Marcus Sand (bass) do a fantastic job of creating catchy tunes that stick in your head. These boys from Vermillion, South Dakota definitely know how to tug on your heart strings and nail a song into your brain. Small things that this band does throughout their songs, like an amazing harmony in the bridge of Get to You or a powerful, enticing drum beat introducing Last Breath, will help them create an ever growing fan base of “ Turtles. ”

It seems that everything this band does shows growth in their musical capability. Their recently released covers of Stereo HeartsCall Me Maybe, and A Thousand Years are definitely something else worth checking out (on Youtube). There holds anticipation for the re-lease of their older song Sanctuary, May 1st of 2012 along with some more new music appearing very soon.

Yours Truly is truly an album necessary on your iTunes.


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