Paradise Fears: 'Payphone Cover'

Paradise Fears decided to take a twist on Maroon 5’s new song Payphone.
This takes the new number 1 hit from the pop group and turned it into a new more acoustic feel.

Sam Miller decided to also added a new rap that he wrote;
“Pick it up, looks like the future is callin’,
Rippin’ from a farm state, we went from bailin’ to ballin’,
Change my phone number, because too many labels was callin’,
Career on the gas, non-stop, we never be stallin’

Rollin’ 10 deep in a passenger van,
Non stop til it’s paris all the way to Japan,
Every song that we drop, becomes the latest trend,
And I know we aint no Brittany but, “Oops, we did it again,”

Call your boy Peeta, take the game with a hunger,
Youtube, Channel Blowing up with every cover,
Whiter than Macauly was in home alone,
Too young to have ever even seen a payphone,

Not sure who the hell still uses one,
But if Adam L says it, his will be done,
Maroon 5 til I die, so forget my cell,
This’ll work just as well,”

It’s a super fun twist on this song, that will cause you to listen ‘for days.’

Not to mention, the video is great and entertaining (especially the end when all the boys take the mic separately)

Check it out, as well as their other covers of ‘A Thousand Years ft. Megan and Liz’ ‘Stereo Hearts’ and ‘Call Me Maybe’

Check back for Honest Reviews Corner’s next Cover Wars: Payphone edition.

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