Matt Bomer on 'Glee'

‘White Collar’ returns July 10th, and I could not be more excited!! I wish this show was on all year long. But, in its absence the stars have stayed busy. Especially, Matt Bomer! We all love him as the charming and handsome Neal Caffrey, but just a few weeks ago he guest starred on ‘Glee’. Who knew Matt Bomer could sing, I sure didn’t, but he was super entertaining. It was nice to see Matt in a comedic role.

Matt guest starred as Blaine Anderson’s older, and famous brother Cooper Anderson.  Matt’s character Cooper comes to McKinley High and is of course recognized by the students due to his fame as a TV ad actor.  Sue brings him into the New Directions classroom where he makes an announcement that he’s going to lead a masters acting class for anyone who wants to go to it. Before he leaves Rachel asks him and Blaine to perform a duet. They sing a mashup of “Hungry Like the Wolf” and “Rio.” It was beyond amazing. The two of their voices together is great to listen to.

When Cooper comes back to lead the masters acting class, everyone is excited to hear his advice, except for Blaine. Cooper always criticizes Blaine’s performances and Blaine was getting fed up. During the acting class Cooper gives some of the worst advice on how to act, but it was definitely funny to listen to.

Kurt talks to Blaine about trying to work on his relationship with Cooper, and then we see Blaine sing “Somebody I Used to Know,” while Cooper is in the auditorium listening. Cooper and Blaine talk and Cooper apologizes to Blaine.

It was great seeing Matt in this role and hopefully he will guest star on Glee again. Listen to the mashup of “Hungry Like the Wolf” and “Rio” below. White Collar and Neal Caffrey return to USA on July 10th!!!

Author of this post: Ellie Landau

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