Interview with The Alumni Club

The Alumni Club is a five piece pop rock group from Algonquin, Illinois. The band consists of Greg-Vocals (@ClubGreg), JamisonDrums (@ClubJamison), Brad-Piano, Niebres-Bass  (@ClubNiebres), Matt-Guitar (@MJAlfus). They just released their album “Runaway” and are currently working on promoting it. This album is in addition to their EP released in 2009, “Up Early & Out Late”.  Make sure to check out their album and EP on iTunes!

How did you guys pick the name The Alumni Club?

“There was a local bar a few towns over we stole the name from and eventually they closed. I guess we won that one. I think it’s now called ‘Mad Marks Mystic Pizza’. I’m certainly glad we went with The Alumni Club.”

What is the song that means the most to you? Why?

“For me personally (Greg: vocals) Runaway is very personal and has a lot to do with my life, progression and past. I would say each song has a different meaning for everyone.”

What are exciting plans that the band has in the near future?

“We plan to push ‘Runaway’ as far as we can. Hopefully the response is as exciting as putting the record out was.”

Ideally, where do you see yourself in ten years?

“The Grammy’s.”

How long have you guys known each other?

“Jamison, Greg, Brad and Viva all went to high school together. We started the band our junior year. After a few tours and before ‘Up Early & Out Late’ we added Matt on guitar and things have been wonderful.”

 When did you decide that you wanted to be a band?

“I think we have all dreamed of it since we were very young. We have all been playing in bands since at least middle school and been involved in music even longer.”

What is the hardest thing about being in a band?

“The most challenging element for us has been balancing normal life and a tour schedule. We make it work. We love one another and respect each other’s individual needs and I think that’s what it takes.”

What bands are your influences?

“Jimmy Eat World, The Format, Rob Thomas, Maroon 5.”

When you tour, what city is your favorite?

“We have always Loved Atlanta, Boston and Omaha. Great cities. Awesome Fans. We party pretty damn hard when we are there. It seems like we always try and schedule a few days off in those cities to hang with friends and get a little cray!”

What are your guys’ favorite things to do when you aren’t playing music?

“We are all Foodies. We all like to find the new and best food spot. We BBQ, kick back, watch some Chicago sports and bro down. Right now Alfus, Jamison and Greg are together watching The Voice at our apartment.”

 What is one band that it would be your dream to tour with?

“I think the general consensus is Jimmy Eat World. But Maroon 5 is up there.”

Who does most of the songwriting?

“Greg creates general skeletons for the songs and then rest of the band gives them dynamic and muscle.”


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