Interview with Robert Vito

Robert is a young actor, most famously known for his role as Rez in “Spy Kids 3D”. He is a huge Gators basketball fan, and enjoys snowboarding. Keep checking Honest Reviews Corner for news on Robert’s latest projects. We are looking forward to seeing Robert in front of the camera again soon!

Favorite film/TV show you’ve worked on so far?

“It has to be a tie between Spy Kids 3D and Urban Legends: Bloody Mary, they were both amazing sets to work on. I had way to much fun on both of them, and loved every minute of it. I wouldn’t take back any of the time on either of them.”

Are you currently auditioning for pilots or movie roles?

“Yes I am, and can’t wait for my next chance to get on the screen.”

What was the experience of filming Spy Kids 3 like? Do you still be in contact with any of the cast?

“The chance to work with the likes of Robert Rodriguez, Ricardo Montalban, Antonio Banderas, Carla Gugino, Sly Stallone, Selma Hayek, Alan Cumming, Cheech Marin was the most inspiring experience that I could ever have in my life. From that day forward I was a different person. There was never a second on set that I was not intrigued in some facet. From the acting talent to the cinematography, I was surrounded by geniuses everywhere. And could of not asked for a better experience then the one I received.”

Favorite movie, book, musician/band and TV show?

“Movie is “Top Gun”, and so stoked that they are talking about making another one. “Women” by Charles Bukowski is a fantastic book, Bukowski is such a raw and sensual writer, he will draw you in and wont let go. I am really digging the band Fun. right now, they remind me of a mix of Queen and Fleetwood Mac (which is badass). Favorite TV show is ‘Ancient Aliens’ for sure, can watch that for hours.”

Favorite thing to do on the weekend?

“Play football on Saturday, Golf on Sunday, and wash the SUV somewhere in between, and then just relax and get ready for the week. Maybe grill some good food. Weekends are a time for taking it easy. Love seeing my close friends, no one can ever take those times away.”

Describe a typical day in life of Robert Vito.

A typical day in the life of Robert Vito starts at about 7 in the morning when I roll out of bed (which sometimes is much easier then others haha) then head to the gym for a little over a hour, then it’s off to work until 3 o’clock. After that is normally when I have my auditions or interviews set up. Then it’s off to see some family and friends. And it’s not to crazy to see me make a quick stop at the driving range or batting cages.”

If you could have any super power what would it be?

“The power to teleport.”

What is your dream role?

“My dream role, which I hope to play one day, is a made man in the mafia. To portray that power and loyalty for your family would be something I would never forget. Some of the best performances in my opinion in the short cinematic history of film making have been mafia movies. “Goodfellas,” “The Godfather”, “Scarface”, “Donnie Brasco” and “Casino” are all movies that will go down in history as something that changed the game.”

Favorite actress and actor?

“Actress is Meryl Streep, she is phenomenal.  Robert De Niro is one of my favorite actors, he just can take over any scene and captivate any audience. He is a modern day deity.”


“Snowboarding, football, baseball, golf, gym, hiking, ping pong, basketball, working on cars.”

Ever been seriously injured playing paintball?

“I haven’t played paintball in a good few years, but it seemed like every weekend when I would come home I would be in massive pain, either from being shot over and over, or from ripping up my forearms and knees from sliding in to bunkers. Never seriously injured though, thank the lord.”

Favorite flavor of ice cream?

“Mint chocolate chip or Irish mint, hands down. You’re going to make me go get some right now.”

If you could describe yourself using only one word, what word would you chose?

“Driven, someone sitting next to me wanted me to put loyal, but I like driven better.”


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