Interview with Chris DeMakes from Less Than Jake

Less than Jake is a ska punk band from Gainesville, Florida. Their biggest accomplishment is that they have been around for twenty years! Throughout their career, they have kept up momentum! They have toured on Warped Tour several times, and have even opened up for Bon Jovi. They have released seven albums and eight EP’s. Check out our interview with Less Than Jake’s lead singer Chris DeMakes.

What continuously brings you guys back to Warped Tour?

“Warped Tour provides us with a chance to connect with a very young audience, we have been at this for 2 decades and thankfully for us, our fans have grown up with us. The tour is one of the best ways to keep us an older band relevant.”

Best memory from Warped Tour?

“I could type for hours on this question alone…um…ok, so the first year we did Warped Tour, the catering truck for the whole tour personnel (about 300 people back then, bands and production people were included) was the size of an ice cream truck. There were 2 guys cooking food and sweating their ass in a 10×5 space. I kid you not, I walked past one day and one of the “chefs” was stirring a huge tub of powered Gatorade with his arm. Up to his hairy pits and everything. Oh wait, you said best memory, oops…

What bands do you guys have a bromance with?

“Decendents, All, Snuff, NOFX, Dopamines…not bad company to be surrounded by”

What bands would you love to tour with in the future?

“Any bands without a horn section so our horn players get all the hot girls after the show.”

Do you have any celebrity crushes?

“Rosie O’donnell.’

When was the last time you were star struck?

“Meeting James Hetfield from Metallica back in 03′ or 04′.”

Favorite song to cover?

“We haven’t done it yet. I will get back to you when we do it.”

Favorite way to past time on the tour bus?


You guys have been a band for a long time now, what’s your band’s
greatest accomplishment?

“Being able to survive and operate in a “business” that is ever changing, fickle and trendy. We have seen more musical trends come and go than we collectively have black hair. To be able to do what we love for this long is an amazing accomplishment.”

Tell us a little bit about your upcoming tour?

“We have 6 shows on the East Coast, head up to South and then Central America, go to the U.K and Europe. That takes us up till the end of June. West Coast in July and then back to the U.K for festivals in August. After that, not so sure yet, but we will be busy the rest of the year.”

Check out some music by Less Than Jake:

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