Interview with Brandon Stewart of The After Party

The After Party formed in 2009 when they released their debut EP “All the Wrong Places“. They instantly became a hit! The songs off their EP were featured on MTV’s Teen Cribs, giving them enough attention to be able to tour nationally. They released their second EP “The After Party” in 2011. These four Kansas City boys are quickly breaking hearts across the Nation. They have shared the stage with talents like: Cartel, We Are The In Crowd, Runner Runner, Allstar Weekend, Hollywood Ending, and Before You Exit. The boys are currently working on a new EP. Stay tuned for more news on that front!

Check out our interview with The After Party’s bassist Brandon Stewart!

How did the band form? Who was the first member? How did you guys meet?

“We are actually aliens from the planet Jababooboo and our leader sent us down to change the world with our unworldly jams! b5joojoo AKA Andy was the first member. We met during training in the avalon cortex!”

Favorite song to perform live?

“California! It was our first we ever wrote that truly meant something to us. We all like dancing, but California just hits home.”

Favorite band to tour with? Favorite show you’ve performed?

“The All The Way Tour with Allstar Weekend, Hollywood Ending, and Before You Exit was a lot of fun for us. We had tons of fun with all the bands! The Hollywood Ending kids are our boys. Our favorite show would probably have to be our show at The Wellington Theater in Monteclaire, NJ. We played there on tour with Boyce Avenue and Secondhand Serenade. It was sold out with 2,500 people!” 

If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?

“Probably Mike Posner! I love his music.”

What would the theme song to your life be?

“Most people might not know the song but it’s by a band called Straylight Run! The song title is Existentialism on Prom Night. The music describes how I feel everyday! I love it.”

Craziest thing that has happened to you since forming TAP?

“Just having fans! I never in a kazillion years would have imagined actually going places and there be kids there singing our songs. It’s one of the best feelings ever.”

Best fan story?
“Some fans have told us stories about how our music has saved their lives. That’s is one of the greatest feelings ever.”

If you could all give yourself a HS yearbook superlative what would you get?

“Kenny-Most likely to be a soft core porn star

Andy- Most likely to date your daughter

Alan – Most likely to know everything

Brandon- Most likely to become the first human burrito due to the fact that he had too much chipotle!”

Favorite city to tour to?

“Chicago & LA are my favorites! But all the cities we have played have been great!”

Best gift a fan has given you?

“Someone brought me a can of tomato sauce once.. Ill never forget it.”

One ritual you do before going on stage?

“We always try to chant things haha but most of the time we can never hear each other and start chanting a bunch of random things.”

Coffee drinkers? Starbucks or Caribou?
“Starbucks! LOVE us some Starbucks!”

Favorite restaurant?

If you could be one superhero who would you be?

“I would be burrito man!”

Any summer touring plans? 

“Yes! But no dates can be released yet! Stay tuned :)”

What are you currently working on?

“Our new EP! I’m actually in the studio at the moment!”


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Watch their music video for their hit song  “Secret Lover” here

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