'HIMYM' Writers at Work on Season 8!

Season 7 may not be over yet, but that doesn’t mean that the ‘How I Met Your Mother’ writers aren’t already thinking about next season. Kourtney Kang, EP and writer for HIMYM, tweeted this photo on April 20th –along with the statement: “First day of HIMYM season 8. Soon each one of these squares will be an episode” – showing that they are already hard at work on Season 8’s storyline. Image

We’ve known since January that the show was officially renewed for an eighth season, so the only “new” information from that announcement is that they’re already getting to work on it. However, something to think about is a tweet that was posted almost a day later by HIMYM writers Craig Gerard and Matt Zinman, suggesting users “FF” (Follow Friday) the staff, including Kourtney Kang, who “knows how this whole thing ends.”

Creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays, we’re told, only plan for 8 seasons, but there was talk a few months ago about the possibility of continuing beyond that – mostly due to the show’s success. So, is Gerard and Zinman’s tweet, a day after the writers began plans for the Season 8 story arc, a literal reference – meaning that a continuation is not happening and Season 8 really will be the last season of ‘How I Met Your Mother’? Or was it just an innocent testament to what we already know – that a small part of the series’ ending has already been filmed and stored away for the future?

As we’re not even anywhere near the premiere of Season 8 yet, I guess we’ll have to wait awhile before we can find out that answer. Meanwhile, we’re on a mini-hiatus, with the next episode due to air on April 30th. Of course, the highly anticipated hour-long season finale of HIMYM airs on May 14th. We all know it ends in a wedding – Barney’s wedding, to be exact – but the big question on everyone’s mind is: will it be Quinn walking down that aisle, or someone else?

Catch an all new episode of HIMYM Monday, April 30th on CBS at 8/7c


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