5 'One Tree Hill Moments' That are Sure to Make You Laugh Out Loud

The last episode of One Tree Hill airs tonight and we are all sad to see it go. I know I am going to be crying through the entire episode, because I don’t want the show to end. If you are anything like me these One Tree Hill laugh out loud moments will make you smile and remember the great moments, before we see the show end. Make sure to catch One Tree Hill tonight on the CW at 8/7c

Jamie and Quentin Rap

Quention went from being my most hated guest star, so one of my favorite charters to ever be on this show. At this time in the show, Quentin had started becoming more comfortable with himself, was learning how to be a team player, and was becoming quite attached to the Scott family, especially Jamie. Jamie looks up to Quention so much, and aspires to be like him. Together they came up with a really cute rap to about each other, but when Nathan tries to join in the moment is ruined LOL.

[youtube http://youtu.be/XzJYqpjtkhk]

 Shutterbug B-Dazzle and Baby-Mama Use Their Powers For the Greater Good

Haley was working at a crisis hotline and a girl in high school kept calling in with a problem she was having with other girls at school. Haley wanted to do more than just talk the girl through her problems, she wanted to use he power for the greater good! She grabs Brooke and Qinn and together they do the only thing the fabulous ladies can think of, become superheroes. Brook Transforms in the B-Dazzle, Quinn into Shutterbug and Haley into Baby-Mama, and together the unstoppable three head on to protect the innocent

[youtube http://youtu.be/ZWDi4Pg8T6o]

Dear Basketball, Meet Chris Keller’s Face

It’s hard to pick out just which Chris Keller moment to chose as the funniest, but this one is an instant LOL moment. During high school, Chris Keller was on a mission to steal Hayley from Nathan. Heck, he’d get a laugh stealing any girlfriend away from their boyfriend. Because of Chris Keller’s failure to give up on trying to pick up Hayley, him and Nathan are anything but friends. Thats why a giant smile comes to his face, when he tries to pass Lucas the ball, and instead of lucas catching it, it hits Chris Keller smack dab in the middle of his face. Sorry Chris Keller, a black eye and broken nose won’t help you get the ladies.

[youtube http://youtu.be/w-aC-1hbeIE]
I’m James Lucas Scott!

Jamie is the cutest kid to ever be on a TV show period. Earlier in the show, he fell into the swimming pool and almost drowned when Hailey and Nathan weren’t watching. Because of this, he developed a fear of the swimming pool. At the same time, Nathan was going through a rough patch because of an injury that left him wheelchair bound and unable to play basketball. Together, they set out to conquer their fears, Nathan began to walk and Jamie made a solid effort to get comfortable in the pool. To conquer his fear, Jamie puts on the water wings, and gets ready to jump in the pool. To gain even more confidence, before he jumps in he yells “I’m James Lucas Scott” and thenjumps right in. For all of the above reasons this may be my favorite one liner from one tree hill ever!

[youtube http://youtu.be/nl0uJ_ueV7E]

Nathan and Lydia – Mahna Mana

I have to say that when ever I’ve had a bad day, this is my go to video clip to watch to cheer me up and that is why this is my number one One Tree Hill LOL moment! I do not picture Nathan as one of the funniest characters on One Tree Hill, rather he tends to play the more serious roles. This moment kept me laughing throughout the entire episode because it was just so out of character for Nathan to walk into Karens Cafe with Lydia, and have a song all prepared for Hailey to cheer her up.

[youtube http://youtu.be/k219vznCaAo]

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