Five Best Concerts

 “All The Way Tour”

“All The Way Tour” featuring  Hollywood Ending, Before You Exit, The After Party, and headliners Allstar Weekend.

This one is definitely for the girls out there. I went into the venue (having barely heard the three opening bands before) expecting to sway my through the three openers and just enjoy my view of the boy bands until Allstar Weekend came on stage. Boy was I wrong. Hollywood Ending, having just been eliminated from the Radio Disney “Next Big Thing” competition, had everyone off their feet the entire set. Before You Exit was probably the biggest surprise of the night; the band came on stage and sang one line from their first song a cappella and I think I fell in love right then and there. The harmonies that they pulled off were incredible, and present throughout all of the songs. As for The After Party I only have one word; electric. If stage presence could start fires, the stage would have been burned to the ground. Allstar Weekend was amazing as always; Lead singer Zach Porter and bassist Cameron Quiseng made all the girls swoon and Michael Martinez killed it on the drums. Their fun onstage games and acoustic encore, featuring the previously quiet voice Michael, made for an amazing night.

“Beautiful Freaks Tour”

“Beautiful Freaks Tour” featuring Electric Touch, Cady Groves, and headliners Hot Chelle Rae.

I have been a fan of Hot Chelle Rae since “Tonight Tonight” blew up on the airwaves and I was more than excited when they stopped in Denver. Electric Touch had great on stage chemistry and interacted with the crowd during every song. Cady Groves owned the stage with her sassy attitude and hilarious stage banter. Hot Chelle Rae had one of the best set lists I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing. They had a great mix of new and old hits, keeping the balance of slow songs and jump up and down songs just right. Lead singer Ryan Follese was on fire, hitting notes I’ve never heard sung live before. One of the best moments of the night featured an acoustic performance from Ryan Follese and guitarist Nash Overstreet of one of the very first songs they wrote together, “Emo”.

“The Reckoning Tour”

“The Reckoning Tour” featuring Ben Rector and NEEDTOBREAHE.

Have you ever been in a crowd at a concert and found your mouth hanging open because the show you’re watching is so amazing? If you answered no then you need to purchase NEEDTOBREAHE tickets right now. Opening for them on this particular tour was Tennessee native Ben Rector whose smooth and sultry voice had the whole crowd smiling.  NEEDTOBREATHE then made the best entrance I have ever seen (and I’ve seen Taylor Swift twice). The backdrop on the stage was a huge typewriter and as the band took the stage each letter on the typewriter lit up to spell “The Reckoning”. The set list the band played had them utilizing an amazing amount of instruments. The encore was by far the best part of the night. The band came back on stage with their song “Slumber” but halfway through the song they went completely acoustic. No microphones, nothing but their voices and their instruments. I’ve never been in a crowd at a concert where everyone was dead silent, but NEEDTOBREATHE had people mesmerized.

“Everything’s Fine Symphony Soldier Tour”

“Everything’s Fine Symphony Soldier Tour” featuring Paradise Fears, Days Difference, He Is We, and co-headliners The Summer Set and The Cab.

Paradise Fears, an up and coming band from South Dakota, took the stage first and set the bar high for all of the other performers. The six boys were amazing on stage and left the crowd begging for more. Days Difference had a great set that complimented their musical talents and had the crowd off their feet. He Is We, featuring one of the two females on the tour, had lighters and cell phones in the air almost immediately into their first ballad.  The Summer Set was amazing as always. Playing their hits “Someone Like You” and “Young”. Brian Dales’ amazingly unique voice had everyone in the room captivated. Jess Bowen on drums played to her usual epic standards, at one point in the night she drummed so hard her hat fell off. The Cab closed the show with lead singer Alexander DeLeon, pianist Alex Marshall, and bassist Joey Thunder reminding everyone what it’s like to really perform. The band played most of their new album and a few hits from their older album including “I’ll Run” and “Take My Hand”.

“Gimme Summer Ya Love Tour”

“Gimme Summer Ya Love Tour” featuring We Are The In Crowd, The Cab, Mayday Parade, and All Time Low.

Best line up ever? Yes!!! All of these bands were so amazing it’s hard to say who opened for whom. We Are The In Crowd started the night with their hits “Both Sides of the Story” and “Lights Out” featuring the amazing Tay Jardine on vocals. The Cab played next, leaving everyone wide eyed when lead singer Alexander DeLeon showed off his falsetto range in the song “Bad”. Mayday Parade then took the stage performing their hits “Jamie All Over” and “Miserable At Best” to a crowd that screamed back every single word. All Time Low finished the show and killed every single song they played. Their set was complete with hilarious stage banter, mosh pits, and an amazing acoustic performance of “Remembering Sunday” from lead singer Alex Gaskarth. (Side note: Rian Dawson, drummer for All Time Low, played this entire show with food poisoning).

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  1. the all the way tour was AMAZING. it had great opening bands and allstar weekend has an awesome stage presence.

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