'Bones' Recap: Episode 7.8 – "The Bump in the Road"

This week’s ‘Bones’ episode did more than just redeem itself from last week’s mess of an episode. From start to finish, “The Bump in the Road” was funny, heartbreaking, and full of enough guts and drama to tide any audience over for another week.

“The Bump in the Road” began with a beautiful family moment between Bones, Booth, and their new daughter, Christine. The whole idea of her “winking” and both of them feeling pride as parents made me smile. Christine is a beautiful, and well behaved, little baby and I cannot wait to see more of her on screen.

Booth talking to Chad, the store manager/murderer.

This episode “murder” centered around a body found across a stretch of highway which ends up being the body of an extreme couponer who ended up being drug along by a semi truck. Within minutes of the show, there was tons of guts, blood, and body pieces strung all over the place.  However, despite this amount of gore on the screen, Bones toned down it all with the constant photographs of her daughter she receives (one every thirty minutes). I absolutely loved her awkwardness as she accidentally sends a picture of the murder remains to her daycare director. Spot on, Emily. Spot on.

An interesting relationship dynamic was introduced in this episode that, at first, I was unsure would make any sense/be awkward and weird. Finn, the intern, and Michelle, Cam’s daughter, began dating this episode and not to Cam’s likeness. Throughout the episode, her upset at the thought of them dating was very well played and I even though I thought the relationship was rushed, I began to feel sorry for Finn and Michelle. At one point, Cam strictly tells Finn to not see her again and he gives in. His apparent heartbreak was believable and even more believable when he shows up at the end of the episode basically declaring his love for Michelle. Cam gives in and allows them to see each other and my heart fluttered. I’m actually excited to see where this relationship goes…hopefully – it doesn’t end badly.

Finn and Michelle

Another surprise in this episode was Shaw’s character admitting to having a child. I was blown away by how she inadvertently made it clear how separate she keeps her work and her personal life from her co-workers. Booth could learn a thing or two from her. I’d say – give Shaw some cases and see what she does with them. I absolutely LOVE her character. More Shaw, Hart Hanson. More Shaw.

The relationships in this episode were superbly depicted unlike last week’s episode where ever scene felt forced and fake. I felt the genuine passion from Bones at the end of the episode as she cried holding her daughter, professing how much she misses her and loves her. I felt the conviction Booth felt as Shaw gave him a one-two slap in the face with some harsh truth about work professionalism. I felt Finn’s dire need for companionship and Cam’s defensiveness as a mother.

Despite the fact that the murder turned out to be rather lame and boring in the end, the relationship dynamic made up for it.

Fingers crossed next week’s episode is also full of the same guts, love, and drama.

Catch an all new episode of ‘Bones’ Monday, April 16th  on FOX at 8/7c


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