‘Bones’ Recap: Episode 7.10 – “The Warrior in the Wuss”

Now for (another) belated recap of Bones. This time episode 7×10 “Warrior in the Wuss.”

The episode begins with two friends heading out in the woods to go canoeing and one of them, no joke, just steps into the chest cavity of a dead person and then begins to freak out and scream non-stop for 15 seconds. Boy, I could tell already that this was going to be one (pardon my sarcasm) doozie of an episode.

Well, Cam becomes all motherly and mean by forcing all-rich Hodgins to send back some of his expensive equipment since the “funds of the department” have all but dried up due to his spending. I do appreciate Hodgins love for his equipment though in this scene. He’s adorable.

Hodgins telling the machines “I love you.”

Bones and Booth seek Hodgins’ assistance out in the field to deal with the dead body. When he gets there, we learn that Parker has been gone for four months to England and is coming home today (to meet his new sister). Hodgins helps determines the time of death and Booth wants to scurry out of there. He rushes them to find the missing head, which causes him to take a tumble down the hill and fall into a puddle of mud where he finds the head. Funny scene, I’ll give it that. I’m just shocked with how okay Booth was with holding on to a skull of a dead person. I feel better choices would have been to have him freak out, maybe slip and slide to get away. The writers/directors of Bones these days just keep straying away from the character’s core personalities. Personalities, I feel, made this show amazing in its’ previous seasons. (Also, completely off subject, but how come every scene out in the “woods” looks exactly the same? I swear, they need to come up with some better locations before they bore me to death.)

Cut to Bones and Booth’s house where Parker is meeting Christine for the first time – Parker is adorable as always. Even when he’s feeling a little sad and indifferent about Christine being around. Booth senses something might be wrong, but looks past it.

Back to the lab, Cam says the stomach is still intact (something, to me, is a little illogical since they found the body in the woods and I would assume an animal would have eaten it, but whatever). They figure out he’s 26 and was stabbed. Hodgins and Angela discuss technology, and Hodgins pushes for her to see his side about having new equipment. I loved how awkward things got when Clark walked in when they were talking about their blinds while they have sex. I miss Hodgins and Angela scenes and I think here should be more! As well as awkward scenes between the squints. Clark helps them figure out the identity of the victim by telling them he wore lifts in his shoes. Interesting. I was wishing, deep down, he had been wearing heels as a possible drag queen, but that’s just me craving some interesting plot twists in this series.

Parker holds Christine for the first time.

Sweets and Booth question the victim’s wife and find out about Karl and Tony’s feud at work and how Tony was insecure about his height. Clark finds out cause of death, and Hodgins tells Cam he’s keeping his equipment.

Bones and Booth discuss a way to get the whole family together. Bones offers up an idea of going into the woods and finding animal skeletons to put together and hang in their house. A “group project” she called it and it made me laugh a lot. Very Bones-like and very funny. Booth offers dinner and “bottomless” breadsticks instead. Bones gives in and tells him how much she worries about Parker. It’s cute.

They find Karl and question him about the murder and find out he has a TON of possible weapons in his selling truck. Lots of work for the squints. Should be fun.

Sweets and Bones talk about Tony’s son and how he called the cops on his father after he got in a fight with their karate teacher. They go to question the son while Cam and Hodgins discuss the murder weapon and more talk about the equipment budget. Hodgins rant about how parties help fuel the economy by demanding booze, food and DJs was hilarious and typical Hodgins. Loved it.

Sweets finds out Tony’s son was working hard to try and impress his father by getting in a fight with Blake, the Sensei’s child. Tony tells Sweets about how angry their Sensei was upset and very angry about it.

Cam finds out what the victim had eaten the night before he died – peanuts and lots of them. Crossing my fingers he was at a circus or Texas Roadhouse. But I digress. Cam then asks Angela to help her to get Hodgins to give up some of his equipment, she says no and even tells Cam to let Hodgins use his machines in the case. Good job Angela. 🙂

Booth goes to see Parker and Parker is acting stranger than before. They have a little argument about where Parker was and why he didn’t tell the babysitter where he was. He says “I’m not a baby, Christine’s the baby.” Yay for sibling rivalry and disobeying children!  Booth then tells Bones about how Parker lied to him (his sneakers weren’t dirty from being outside) and how he’s worried about Parker.

They go to the karate teacher’s place and he’s teaching a class. I love that Bones corrects Booth throughout the scene. Awesome. The karate teacher refuses to give them molds of his hands and feet so Bones buys one of his DVDs to analyze and they take it to Angela. Angela begins going through the footage to find matches for the strikes found on the body. She and Bones find out that the murderer was a lot smaller than the victim (who was small to begin with) so they assume it must be a child. They think it is the Sensei’s kid.

Cam finds Hodgins performing an autopsy on a worm and uses this procedure to slap Cam in the face by saying he would have done it elsewhere, and faster, with new equipment. A total ouch, but totally awesome as well. I actually felt sorry for the worm as it was sliced open, but it was a cool scene nonetheless. We find out that the stomach contents of the worm could help us determine the worm’s origin.

Hodgins dissecting the worm.

Cut to the Booth/Bones house where Bones goes to talk to Parker, but as she enters his room she finds a bunch of pictures of them, and things like her lab jacket, all cut up and sprawled around his closet. Uh-oh…something’s not right here.

Sweets and Booth go back to the dojo and question the Sensei’s daughter who is called Blake. I see what you did there writers. Touché. They find out she did attack Tony but that she was defending herself. Tony was accusing her of being an “aggressor” and taking on his son. She announces that her friend filmed the whole thing, and shows it to Booth and Sweets. Sweets freaks out and thinks the video is awesome while Bones tells him to stop. I love his reaction to the video. Typical Sweets. The video helps prove the attack strikes on the body did not come from the murderer, but the stab wound did.

Bones surprises Booth at his office and they talk about Parker and what she found at their house. She tells Booth about how he destroyed his toy truck, cut up Booth’s favorite picture of Bones and Christine, basically showing a lot of violent tendencies. Bones displays her concern for Christine to Booth and he sees the concern. It’s a great family moment. You can really see the worry in Booth’s face and how the family may not be able to be brought together after all.

Clark cannot figure out what the murder weapon is, because something doesn’t add up – the weapon had to have stabbed the victim in the front and been pulled out from the back. Something impossible, Bones states. Hmm…what could it be?!

Back to the worm fiasco with Cam and Hodgins, where, surprisingly Cam is preserving the worm for Hodgins. How sweet. He then tells her about what he found using his new equipment – the worm contained dirt containing remnants of a Mexican Tequila. He narrows down that the alcohol came from one bar on the victim’s sale route. Boom. His new equipment is da BOMB! Cam rolls her eyes, as she should.

Booth asks Sweert to come along to the bar, but Sweets figures out that Booth has alternative motives. Sweets is hilarious as he tries to get Booth to talk about it (he threatens to jump out of the car). They finally discuss Parker and his feelings about Christine. Sweets tells Booth to talk to Parker. Booth doesn’t want to gang up on Parker or intimidate him and Sweets tells him that Booth is not his father and that talking to his son will be fine. Awesome Sweets, great job. 🙂

They get to the bar and find out that Tony had been there and was being made fun of by the entire bar, because of the video online of him being beaten up by the Sensei’s daughter. They deduce that he must have done something to try and build up his reputation and that something must have gotten him killed.

Angela looks at how the video spread online and figures out that the person who helped get the video viral was none other than – KARL, Tony’s work rival. Karl sent the video to every single one of Tony’s customers to humiliate him. Oh snap.

Bones tells Booth that although they may have a killer, they don’t have a murder weapon and thus, no evidence. They discuss Parker’s behavior at the diner and Booth tells Bones about how they need to talk to Parker together. Another cute parental moment. They are given their food and Booth figures out the murder weapon (a fishing blade) and how Karl killed Tony (from behind) – all because of a fish sandwich.  See, Booth doesn’t need all that fancy equipment. He just needs a sandwich. Go Booth. They approach Karl and he confesses. Boom. Case solved.

Booth arrests Karl, the murderer.

Back at the lab, Cam walks into the squints throwing a little party with booze and food. Hodgins is making tequila in one of his fancy-smancy pieces of equipment and Cam freaks out saying they can’t be doing this in the lab. Hodgins and Angela convince her to let loose, relax, and enjoy their own Founder’s Day party. Peer pressure? She gives in and enjoys herself as do the rest of the staff. How adorable, yet confusing. We never find out if she makes Hodgins get rid of the equipment or lets him keep them. I assume she lets him keep them since she is giving in and enjoying the party? I guess we will never know.

Finally cut to the Bones/Booth house as they are finally talking to Parker, who admits he has done nothing wrong. They have a pretty descent fight and Parker is awesome as always (acting-wise). Bones confuses Parker with her elaborate explanations. He gets upset and

Part of the mobile Parker made for Christine.

tells her that he doesn’t like Christine – he loves her. He takes them to Christine’s room and shows them what he has done. He has made a mobile from scratch for Christine showing all of her family on the mobile (with the pictures he was cutting up). He used the battery from the truck to run it. It was adorable and Christine obviously loved it. Oh it was tons of cute and a great way to end this episode.

Overall, I was very happy with this episode despite the rocky start. I’m still hoping thought that the season picks up a bit.

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