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Cover Wars: "Glad You Came"

There hasn’t been a true battle of the boy bands since *Nsync and the Backstreet Boys until now! The new boy band battle is between British talents The Wanted and One Direction. Our first cover wars we ever did was with the song ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ by One Direction. It’s time for a battle round with a song by The Wanted!

Here’s where we need your help: Vote for the cover you like best. Tweet, Facebook and message everyone you know to help your favorite band or artist win!

You can also vote for which British band you favor here!

While this Cover Wars is running, if you tweet @hrctweets with the hashtag #hrccoverwars you will automatically be entered to win signed merchandise from your favorite artist! 

Cover #1

Artist: At Sunset

Cover #2

Artist: Hollywood Ending

Cover #3

Artist: Pop! Fiction

Cover #4

Artist: Starboy Nathan

Cover #5

Artist: Action Item

Cover #6

Artist: Glee


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