Top 10 Survivor’s I’d Want To Be In an Alliance With

This season of Survivor is lacking one major thing: Alliances. With the tribes switching up so often, the contestants are unclear as to who is still aligned with them. Lets look at a few great people who I’d love to be in an alliance with, if I was ever on Survivor with them.

10) Eliza Orlins

In ‘Survivor Fans vs. Favorites’, Eliza definitely showed her faith in her alliances when she played a stick as a hidden immunity idol. She may not be the power player I need to help get me to the top, but she has great strategy. I think she hits her stride in underdog alliances, so with her great ideas, and my persuasiveness, we could go far!

 9) Colton Cumbie

I do not like Colton one bit. Because of this I have no shame in my plan to be in an alliance with him. In the game of ‘Survivor’, I’d rather be with him than against him. My plan with him would be to join in a tight alliance, have him piss people off while being a power player, which would get us far in the game. Yes, I essentially would be riding his coattail. But secretly, I’d wait until he got me far enough in the game, blindside him, and then take control of the game myself.

8) Russel Hantz

If no other reason than because the girl Russel brings to the end with him, always gets first place. He is a great addition to any alliance, because he knows where to find the idols, and he plays them for the alliance. If giving the idol to someone in his alliance gets him further in the game, he will most definitely do it. I refuse to say anyone in the game of ‘Survivor’ is 100% loyal to their alliance, but he is darn close to it.

7) Jenna Morasca

The reason why I’d align myself with Jenna is because she is very good at getting what she wants, and by that I mean peanut butter. Who wouldn’t want to align themselves with someone who easily knows how to get what she wants from Jeff Probst. In addition, she has already won the game, so she has a winning strategy that could take us to the end.

6)Cirie Fields

I love Cirie, who doesn’t?  Cirie’s strategy is that as long as they are not voting off her, she is happy. I think this is her downfall, because she would rather not get voted off than be aligned with the person who is.  With some strategy tweaking, I would love to be in an alliance with her because I think she would just be fun to be around. If I had to be with a person 24/7 for 39 days, I’d want to at least try to have some fun when I can.

5)Stephanie LaGrossa

If Stephanie and I were the only two left on the island, I know for a fact that we would survive! If you haven’t seen ‘Survivor Palau’, Stephanie was the last person in her tribe after all the other members had been voted out. She had to go back to camp alone, because the merge wasn’t until the following day. The three goals of Survivor are to outlast, outwit and outplay other players. Stephanie has the outlast part down! As long as she didn’t outlast me, why wouldn’t I want to align myself with her?

4)Parvati Shallow

The two reasons why I would want to join in an alliance with Parvati are that, she’s a great girl and her alliances always go far. She’s hilarious and loyal to those she thinks she can trust. She is a great strategist, and definitely has her way with the boys. Maybe I could even rope her in with another all girls alliance!

3)Tom Westman

If I were to be in an alliance with Tom, I’d want the Tom from ‘Palau’ not ‘Heroes vs. Villains’. He is loyal, hard working, and kicks major butt in challenges. The only problem would be that going to the end with him would be a big mistake, he would hands down win over me. I’d have to keep him around for a while, but the second he lost individual immunity, he’d be out of there!

2)Richard Hatch

Richard Hatch and I are both laid back people. I’d like to hope that he is way more arrogant than I am. He won the very first ‘Survivor’, setting precedence for the game. It would be a smart move to align myself with him! Who would want to give him one million dollars, when it means he probably will forget to pay his taxes and end up in jail… again. If they’re not giving him the million dollars, I can bring him to the end and keep the money for myself.

1) Jeff Probst

All these Survivors, would be equally as great to be in an alliance with, so my number one spot goes to the one and only Jeff Probst. No one knows more about the game of Survivor than Probst. Yes, he does not have a vote, and yes, he’s probably not even allowed to think about aligning with a contestant, but it doesn’t hurt to get on his good side, does it?

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