Greg Raposo: LossLoveLife

For those of who don’t know who Greg Raposo is you are missing out! Not only is this 26 year old man an extremely talented musician, but he is also a wonderful human being. He has been performing and writing music since he was a child. His first performance ever was singing an Elvis Presley song as a child. He then went to be a part of the popular boy band ‘DreamStreet’.

After ‘DreamStreet’ split up Greg was able to follow his real dreams and become a solo performer. He played guitar on a stage for hundreds of screaming teenage girls nightly. He was also able to write his own music. There was a point in his life when he gave up on music, but fortunately for us he is back and better than ever. He releases his new album “LossLoveLife” this May on his birthday!

Greg’s first single off his new album is entitled “That Day”. This song is the most powerful, emotional, honest song I have ever heard. It was written about a girl Greg met through Facebook. She was very ill and Greg took the opportunity to help cheer this girl up by writing a song for her. Sadly the girl never was able to hear this song, but the rest of us can listen to it and take its message to heart. The message of this song is about truly living every day as if it is your last and making the most out of it. Unfortunately, too many bad things happen in this world, if you aren’t willing to live life to the fullest and appreciate everyday you may miss your chance.

Be sure to check out Greg’s new cd “LossLoveLife” on May 3rd when it is released! I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed in it!

You can listen to “That Day” here: [youtube]

You can check out Greg’s youtube here

And his twitter is : @GregRaposo

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