• Exclusive Interview with Karen Waldrup

    It’s been almost 10 years since country artist Karen Waldrup moved to Nashville to pursue her passion for music and songwriting. But the path to her debut album Justified, which is out now, is a story of vision, innovation and sheer determination. Waldrup started to sing as early as three-years-old in church, but it wasn’t […]

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  • Impulse Review – YouTube Red’s Groundbreaking Series

    YouTube Red’s new young adult series, Impulse, may be loosely based on Steven Gould’s Jumper books, even sharing the same title as the third novel, but that’s largely where the similarities end. The show stars Maddie Hasson as 16-year-old Henrietta Cole, better known as Henry, an outsider–once again–in the town of Reston, New York. Resentful […]

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