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  • Web Series Review: Teenagers S3

    Something I’ve thought about in the past is why, even as an adult, I’m still drawn to teen dramas and YA literature. Plenty of critics find the market more or less tiresome for various reasons: it might be the irrationality and pettiness of adolescent characters. Or it could be the frequent who’s-dating-who conflicts and popularity struggles […]

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  • Nerdist Presents a Star Wars Musical Parody: Forceloose

    In celebration of Star Wars: The Last Jedi,  Nerdist Presents brings you the musical parody, “Forceloose!” Kylo Ren shows off his fancy footwork and air guitar skills while channeling a 1984 era Kevin Bacon. Special guests include two unimpressed Stormtroopers. Whether you’re a fan of the Star Wars franchise, Footloose, both, or just funny parodies in general, you don’t […]

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  • Highlights from the Thor: Ragnarok Press Tour

    Thor: Raganarok is finally gracing movie theaters around the world today, but I have a bittersweet feeling deep in my chest. Even though the movie is hilarious and I’m excited for everyone to see it, this means that the entertaining press tour is officially over.  The entire cast, mostly Jeff Goldblum and Taika Waititi, have been […]

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  • Interviews with Shadowhunters Cast and Producers at NYCC 2017

    Even though the Shadowhunters Season 2 finale was just a couple months ago, the wait for the new season feels excruciatingly long. Showrunners Todd Slavkin, Darren Swimmer, along with director and executive producer Matt Hastings, revealed at New York Comic Con 2017 that the Season 3 premiere date won’t be until be April 3, 2018. To hold us over in the […]

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  • Web Series Review: That’s My DJ S3

    One of the most compelling things to me about Canadian webseries That’s My DJ is its self-awareness – the show’s arc mirrors the growth of its protagonists with tonally perfect precision. Its first season is energetic and aspirational, yet still lacking true focus; the second embraces carefree irresponsibility while being honest about the emotional consequences […]

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