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  • Web Series Review: That’s My DJ S3

    One of the most compelling things to me about Canadian webseries That’s My DJ is its self-awareness – the show’s arc mirrors the growth of its protagonists with tonally perfect precision. Its first season is energetic and aspirational, yet still lacking true focus; the second embraces carefree irresponsibility while being honest about the emotional consequences […]

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  • Day 2: Denver Comic Con 2017

    Denver Comic Con offers impressive multi-track programming that covers comic books, cosplay, demos, education, gaming, literature, film, unity, sci-fi/fantasy, kid & teen tracks and even sci fi speed dating. As many as a dozen tracks run in a single hour, including a main event with a big name draw. I attended main events for the […]

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  • Denver Comic Con 2017 Review

    Denver Comic Con is a three day weekend of geektastic glory. In this, its fifth year, the popculture comic convention had a record-breaking 115k attendees, a slight increase over last year’s 114,500. The minimal growth is actually a relief to coordinators who can’t imagine handling any more gargantuan gains like they saw in the first […]

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  • Exclusive Interview With Conrad’s Bryce Saxon

    Generally, actors use their words to get a role. Bryce Saxon uses her fists. After posting a video of her boxing skills to her Instagram page, the actress found herself being approached to audition for a project called Conrad, a new pilot out of Chicago. Described as a crime series driven by “badass females,” Conrad looks […]

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  • Web Series Review: V Morgan Is Dead

    Two of my favorite prematurely canceled television shows from the early 2000s are Joan of Arcadia and Dead Like Me. The former is about high schooler Joan Girardi receiving missions from God that seem mundane, but end up having a meaningful impact on both Joan and the people in her life. The latter is about Georgia […]

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  • Kings of Con Wraps Up in Style

    Comic-Con HQ’s smash internet comedy Kings of Con wraps up its inaugural season with special guest appearances by Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins.  Hardcore fans of Supernatural, Creation Entertainment’s Salute to Supernatural Conventions, Rob Benedict, and Richard Speight, Jr. are not going to want to miss the finale. Kings of Con is a project […]

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