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  • WCW Ana Ularu

    If you haven’t been watching Emerald City (hangs head in shame for I haven’t), then GET ON IT. Seriously, today’s WCW is dedicated to Ana Ularu, who plays West on NBC’s newest hit. Born in Romania and fluent in four languages, Ana has been acting since 1995 with about half of her resume being in foreign […]

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  • Exclusive Interview with Sweet/Vicious’ Dylan McTee

    To know Nate Griffin on MTV’s Sweet/Vicious is to hate him. Jock, rich kid, frat boy, rapist. He’s the epitome of white privilege: big man on campus, entitled athlete, charmer, predator. To know his portrayer, Dylan McTee, is to love him.  Actor, dreamer, artist, nerd. Speaking with him I was taken aback by how wildly […]

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  • Exclusive Interview with Teenagers’ Allyson Pratt

    Allyson Pratt is a gifted Métis actress currently based in Toronto. She possesses an extensive theatre background and has previously attended the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts, earning the Triple Threat Award during her senior year. Appearing in a wide range of television shows, short films, and commercials, she can currently be seen on M.H. Murray’s […]

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  • TNWU Weekly Superlatives (January 15th-21st)

    TALK NERDY WITH US WEEKLY TV SUPERLATIVE AWARDS: Best One Liner: Lucifer “And what he does with a pan flute and a butter squash.” The whole sequence of Chloe interviewing all of Lucifer’s lovers had me in hysterics, but when one of them said this, I fell on the floor. Lucifer’s response to Dan: “I […]

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  • Unity Days: Unifying a Fandom

    January 13th-15th was a weekend that will go down in history for The 100 fandom.  Hundreds of fans descended upon Vancouver from all corners of the world – Australia, France, the UK, the USA, Canada.  They were all coming for the very same thing, one particular thing that they had been waiting for for months.  […]

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