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  • Bidding Adieu to Teen Wolf

      This article will be a bit different than the ones I usually write. This week, Teen Wolf concluded shooting its last episode of the series. It’s incredible how a show, that’s essentially about a boy trying to navigate life as a werewolf, has become to me over the past 7 years. I remember sitting there watching […]

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  • Exclusive Interview With Conrad’s Bryce Saxon

    Generally, actors use their words to get a role. Bryce Saxon uses her fists. After posting a video of her boxing skills to her Instagram page, the actress found herself being approached to audition for a project called Conrad, a new pilot out of Chicago. Described as a crime series driven by “badass females,” Conrad looks […]

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  • My Once Upon a Time 6B Wish List

    The dreadful three-month break for Once Upon a Time is nearly over, and it left fans with so many questions of what is to come next. Waiting three months for this has proven to be tricky! The winter finale hbrought on a few emotions and a few theories. Emma and Regina getting stuck in a […]

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