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  • Web Series Review: That’s My DJ S3

    One of the most compelling things to me about Canadian webseries That’s My DJ is its self-awareness – the show’s arc mirrors the growth of its protagonists with tonally perfect precision. Its first season is energetic and aspirational, yet still lacking true focus; the second embraces carefree irresponsibility while being honest about the emotional consequences […]

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  • “Famous in Love” Episode 8 Recap

    The episode begins with Rainer and Paige acting out an elaborate scene from “Locked.” Paige is struggling to cry when she needs to as she’s a little distracted with everything going on in her real life — which is a lot. Let’s dissect this, shall we? Paige calls Jake during her break on set to […]

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  • “Famous in Love” Episode 7 Recap

    This episode starts out with Paige trying yet again to multitask, this time studying while stretching for dance lessons. Twitch tells her that she’s going to knock her exam out just like she does everything else. Paige asks if Rainer is joining them for rehearsals but Twitch tells her he’s still “out.” At the beach house, […]

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  • “Famous in Love” Episode 6 Recap

    How are we already more than half-way through this show? It seems like it just started, but time flies when you are enjoying what you are watching. This episode begins with Rainer dropping off Paige at her place after her party from last week’s episode (while she is still wearing his shirt, by the way). […]

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