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  • Thoughts While Binging Fuller House Season 3B

    Netflix’s Fuller House is back with the second half of season 3. These nine episodes brought a lot of changes for the Fuller-Tanner family, and ultimately, the entire series as a whole. I decided to write my first thoughts/reactions to each episode as I binge-watched these episodes over the Christmas holiday. Basically, this post is […]

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  • Arrow 6×09 Midseason Finale Roundtable

    Arrow’s mid-season finale, titled “Irreconcilable Differences,” saw Team Arrow split into two factions: OTA (aka Original Team Arrow aka Oliver, Felicity and Diggle) and the newbies (aka Curtis, Rene and Dinah). It also saw the rise of Cayden James’ posse of villains, who seem to be watching our favorite heroes’ every move. Since the episode […]

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  • Legends of Tomorrow 3×09 Recap: Beebo Be Gone

    This episode was slow and lacked an impactful plot typical of a mid-season finale. However, if you hold out to the end, you get some emotional moments as well as a goodbye. We open on young Martin Stein, patiently waiting in line for a Beebo doll for his then 5-year-old daughter, Lily. After a fun sequence […]

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  • Legends of Tomorrow 3×08: Crisis on Earth X

    WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD FOR ALL OF THE “CRISIS ON EARTH X” CROSSOVER EPISODES  Professor Martin Stein. We knew he was going to be written off somehow. The showrunners could have let him retire peacefully to be with his family, something they seemed to have been setting up for weeks. Instead, they went for shock […]

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