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  • Netflix’s Last Chance U Season Two Review

    Last Chance U has always been more than a story about a football team. But its second season, which was released on July 21 on Netflix, proves just that. Instead, it tells a story about how easily humans make mistakes, the process of redemption, and what it takes to fully reclaim your life. There is […]

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  • Lucifer Season 2 Coming to Blu-Ray And DVD

    A long, hot summer is about to get hotter! Warner has announced that Lucifer: The Complete Season 2 will be released on August 22, 2017 on Blu-ray from Warner Archive Collection, and DVD from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. The timing is perfect; you can re-watch or binge the season right before Season 3 hits airwaves […]

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  • On The Refrigeration of Bill Potts

    *This post contains spoilers* With all of the hullabaloo about the 13th Doctor, I think people are very much overlooking what happened to Bill Pott in episodes 11 and 12 in this recent season finale. Bill, my favorite companion since Donna, is brutally killed and then turned into a cyberman. She then “dies” again, turns […]

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  • WCW Jodie Whittaker

    THE FUTURE IS FEMALE, YALL. Ok that’s out of my system. The past few days have been a rush for women all over the world. Doctor Who announced it’s next Doctor, Jodie Whittaker aka today’s WCW. I admit, I screamed when I saw the hood lift and there was Jodie’s face. I can’t wait for the […]

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  • Exclusive Interview with Dear White People’s Jeremy Tardy

    Dear White People, a controversial, important, and hilarious Netflix Original, was one of the break-out shows of the year. The show explores topics like racism, police brutality, colorism, the challenges of interracial dating, and the social justice movement sweeping the United States, to name a few. Dear White People, though it discomforted many and infuriated […]

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  • ABC Announces Bachelor in Paradise Season Four Premiere Date

    ABC recently announced that their hit summer show Bachelor in Paradise will kick off its fourth season with a two-night premiere on August 14 and 15. After briefly suspending production to investigate allegations of misconduct, Warner Bros. concluded there was no wrongdoing and production resumed. Over the course of six weeks, fan favorites from The Bachelor […]

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