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  • Exclusive Interview With ICE’s Chloe East

    Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But when it comes to entire families, things get a bit messier. Debuting on AT&T’s Audience Network in November 2016, ICE has introduced viewers to the rough side of an unexplored world: the diamond industry. The series follows the lives of a Los Angeles family business called G&G Diamond. After Freddy Green kills a prominent diamond dealer, […]

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  • Exclusive Interview With Conrad’s Bryce Saxon

    Generally, actors use their words to get a role. Bryce Saxon uses her fists. After posting a video of her boxing skills to her Instagram page, the actress found herself being approached to audition for a project called Conrad, a new pilot out of Chicago. Described as a crime series driven by “badass females,” Conrad looks […]

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  • Life Lessons As Told By Sue Heck

    For the longest time, I was referred to as Sue Heck. I used to be offended by this since The Middle’s Sue Heck is a bit of an eccentric character. However, I now view being called Sue Heck as a positive thing. Maybe it’s because I’ve grown up and realized how much Sue and I […]

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  • TNWU Bi-Weekly Superlatives (February 12th – 25th)

    TALK NERDY WITH US WEEKLY TV SUPERLATIVE AWARDS: Best One-liner: Supergirl “Of course I knew.  I’m psychic.” – J’onn J’onzz (Contributed by AJ Mullican) Biggest OTP Moment: The Walking Dead Richonne As if our Richonne feels couldn’t get any stronger, we were proven wrong when Rick gifted Michonne with a junkyard sculpture of a cat.  I […]

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  • My Once Upon a Time 6B Wish List

    The dreadful three-month break for Once Upon a Time is nearly over, and it left fans with so many questions of what is to come next. Waiting three months for this has proven to be tricky! The winter finale hbrought on a few emotions and a few theories. Emma and Regina getting stuck in a […]

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