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  • DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 3×04: ET phones… Ray?

    We have: Rebel time travelers – check TV’s first Muslim superhero -check A baby dominator -check? Adult!Ray is dealing with boredom on the ship by being his usual optimistic self. This time that included forcing the team to do team building exercises and paying Mick to do a trust fall. Zari, our newest legend, doesn’t […]

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  • “Blindspot” Takes on the World in Season 3

    New tattoos, new mysteries, new locations. After two seasons of running around New York City, NBC’s Blindspot takes us around the globe for an explosive third season. In an 18 month jump we follow Jane and the team to Venice, Spain, Australia, and Morocco as they try to uncover the secrets behind her new, bioluminescent tattoos. You can view the […]

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  • DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Season 3 Episode 2

    After last week’s getting-the-gang-back-together episode, in which Rip permanently set himself apart from the gang and Amaya was sadly missing for most of the episode, this week we take the “circus to the circus” as Sara Lance said. The gang was of course unable to handle a simple Level 1 anachronism (something out of place […]

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  • The Exorcist 2×03 “Unclean” Recap

    I’ve been a fan of this series from the very first episode that aired in 2016. Jeremy Slater has created a unique spin on the 1973 film. While first season was a sequel of sorts to the movie, season two has branched out into a brand new direction, and it’s even more suspenseful, atmospheric, and […]

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