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  • What’s Coming and Leaving Netflix in August

    With July coming to an end and August fast approaching, it’s time to find out what will be coming to Netflix as well as what will be leaving. What’s Coming to Netflix: August 1 Batman Begins Chernobyl Diaries Clerks Constantine Dreamcatcher Edge of Fear Eraser Gran Torino House of Deadly Secrets Los tiempos de Pablo […]

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  • Exclusive Interview with Cloak & Dagger’s Gloria Reuben

    Gloria Reuben is a classic triple threat: an actor, singer, and dancer who impresses on stage, screen, and in song. Really, she’s one of those over-achievers—she’s been playing the piano since she was five!–you should be annoyed with but you can’t because she’s too damn likable and to hear giggle is everything.  She’s been a […]

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  • Exclusive Interview with Desirée Mitchell

    Is there anything Desirée Mitchell can’t do? Not only is she a talented singer-songwriter who seems to constantly be releasing new music, but she also recently wrote and starred in her own television show, Loyalty. I got the chance to talk with Desirée about how she got started in the entertainment industry, her single “I Need That,” Loyalty, and so much […]

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  • A Warm Hello To (The Now Defrosted) Jonathan Morgenstern

    Amidst our time of crisis – it’s been a loooong seven weeks – we have been given the utter joy of welcoming Luke Baines to the cast of Shadowhunters as our new Jonathan Morgenstern. Whilst it’s sad to say goodbye to the phenomenal Will Tudor as Sebastian Verlac (a.k.a Jonathan Morgenstern, in disguise), it’s exciting […]

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  • Ship Wars: The Bold Type’s Jane/Pinstripe vs. Jane/Ben

    I love The Bold Type for many reasons: the portrayal of strong women, healthy female friendships, refreshing yet relatable situations, millennial references, and the most delicious and swoon-worthy romantic relationships.  For two of the three girls, the show makes it obvious as to who they should be with: Sutton belongs with Richard and Kat belongs […]

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