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  • Exclusive Interview with Carter Jenkins

    If you’ve followed either me personally or Talk Nerdy With Us on Twitter for the past year, then you know how much I love Carter Jenkins and his character, Rainer Devon, that he plays on Freeform’s Famous in Love (see this tweet and this tweet from before the first season even premiered last year for […]

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  • Exclusive Interview with Rise’s Rarmian Newton

    Most of Rarmian Newton‘s roles, up until this point, have been in Australian projects (he was born in Melbourne), such as Dance Academy or The Doctor Blake Mysteries. But now he is making a name for himself in American television and capturing viewers’ hearts every Tuesday night on Rise as Maashous Evers. I got to talk […]

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  • Exclusive Interview with Siren’s Rena Owen

    Rena Owen is a gorgeous force of nature. She owns and relishes every experience of her life—good or bad—because of what it brought her, what she learned, what she gained—even in loss. She’s a student of life, a watcher of people, an artist who craves challenges and doesn’t repose on her laurels. She’s a woman, […]

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  • Exclusive Interview with Rise’s Erin Kommor

    Erin Kommor is an up-and-coming actress who can currently be seen as Sasha on NBC’s newest show, Rise. I got the chance to talk to Erin about how she got involved in acting, what her audition process for Rise was like, what it was like working with Jason Katims and so much more. Keep reading to see her […]

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  • Exclusive Interview with Siren’s Eline Powell

    Belgium born beauty, Eline Powell, probably hasn’t been on your radar, as of yet, but that’s likely to change with Freeform’s newest series, Siren. She fronts the show as the titular character, Ryn. Si-ren, Ryn, get it? Ironically, she looks more pixie in nature with her pert nose, heart-shaped face, dimpled chin and adorable elfin […]

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