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  • Exclusive interview w/ Future Man’s Kevin Caliber

    You may not know him yet but, given his guts, good looks, talent and tenacity, it’s just a matter of time before Kevin Caliber gains your notice. To say he took an unconventional road to Hollywood would be a huge understatement. He had an established life and career outside of Tinsel Town, but gave it all away […]

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  • Exclusive Interview w/ Father Figures Zachary Haven

    Thirteen-year-old Zachary Haven has been acting since pre-school, from commercials and print work, to Jimmy Kimmel sketches and countless shorts. Now this young actor is poised to make his make big break on the silver screen with Ed Helms and Owen Wilson in Father Figures. We’re happy to introduce you to this new talent as […]

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  • Exclusive Interview With Vikings’ Alex Høgh Andersen

    If you haven’t watched History Channel’s Vikings, you should probably do yourself a favor, stop reading this article right now and go watch it. The writing is fantastic, the sets and locations are unbelievable, and the acting is phenomenal. And Alex Høgh Andersen is no exception. Alex joined the cast in season 4 playing the adult version […]

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  • Girl Meets Alzheimer's

    I understand you got the acting bug after watching your older sister, Lauren, pursue her dream of being an actress. What was it about acting that appealed to you and how did you get started? I’ve always loved performing for others. I wanted to be like my big sister who is an inspiration and role […]

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