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  • Unity Days: Unifying a Fandom

    January 13th-15th was a weekend that will go down in history for The 100 fandom.  Hundreds of fans descended upon Vancouver from all corners of the world – Australia, France, the UK, the USA, Canada.  They were all coming for the very same thing, one particular thing that they had been waiting for for months.  […]

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  • Kings of Con Wraps Up in Style

    Comic-Con HQ’s smash internet comedy Kings of Con wraps up its inaugural season with special guest appearances by Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Misha Collins.  Hardcore fans of Supernatural, Creation Entertainment’s Salute to Supernatural Conventions, Rob Benedict, and Richard Speight, Jr. are not going to want to miss the finale. Kings of Con is a project […]

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  • Clexa Rikleimt: Fans Reclaim Positive Representation

    It is no secret that 2016 was a bad year for diverse representation on television, especially for the LGBT community.  Out of all of the shows that used harmful tropes to both mistreat and kill off diverse characters for shock value, The CW’s sci-fi drama The 100 caused the biggest uproar and received the biggest […]

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  • Exclusive Interview with Laura Linda Bradley

      Let’s talk about your series. For people who don’t know about it, how would you describe The Laura Show? I would say that it is a young SNL [esque], female-driven comedy. It is all girl power. We objectify men the way that women have been objectified for ages. We poke fun at dating and […]

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