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  • 9 Favorite Strong Female Television Characters

    March is Women’s History Month. For a long time, women were excluded and silenced from history altogether. While the stories of women should be addressed all year long, we take this month specifically to honor women and to tell the history of one kick-ass group of human beings, emphasizing especially positive role models and the […]

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  • Halsteads and Headcannons

    Here’s a secret about the One Chicago fandom: we have wish lists, and I don’t mean the Amazon, click until you can’t click anymore kind. We all have our favorite characters, ships, and shows within the universe, and with that comes things we want to learn or see for those people. The writers have occasionally […]

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  • Paying Homage to “Switched At Birth”

    With only a few episodes left, we will soon say goodbye forever to one of my favorite shows on television: Switched at Birth. Switched at Birth is a series about two teenage girls who find out, after a doing a school blood-typing project, they were switched at birth. Daphne (Katie Leclerc) was raised in the […]

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