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  • Beyond The Sun Release New Single “STOP”

    Beyond the Sun just released their newest track “STOP,” which is sure to be a head-bobbing summer anthem. “STOP is a letter to all the fake people in your life,” lead vocalist Colin Radu said in the press release announcing the single. “We were at this point in our lives that, for whatever reason, we […]

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  • Single Review: Spence Reed’s “Heartbeat”

    Sometimes the songs you love the most are the ones you didn’t set out to find. That is the case for my love of Spence Reed’s new single, “Heartbeat.” I randomly ended up on Spence’s Instagram account one night and started looking through his posts to see what kind of music he played. Once I […]

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  • New Music Announced from Singer/Songwriter Butch Parnell

    Singer-songwriter, Butch Parnell, recently announced details for this latest EP, The Fall, which has been set for release on November 17th, 2017. The Fall is a 6-track collection that Butch himself calls “…a familiar story of love and loss that I’ve tried to tell as simply and without pretense as I can.” With the announcement Parnell also released his debut single […]

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  • Exclusive Interview with SIR

    Denver-based trio SIR have quickly started to make a name for themselves. With their sound being described as a cross between Halsey and SEE, the group, made up of Sarah Angela, Kim O’Hara and Luke Mehrens, has a new and unique sound that allows them to stand out in today’s wide variety of musical offerings. I got the chance […]

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  • Daphne Willis keeps getting better with “Dopamine”

    From the singer-songwriter who brought us the sentimental song “Somebody’s Someone” comes a song about finding that one person we all want to find. With soft rock influences and lyrics that will get anyone singing along, Willis has truly broken down walls in the music industry. From someone who believes in spreading mental health awareness […]

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