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  • Single Review: “Now Or Never” by Halsey

    This week New Jersey native and break out artist Halsey released the first single and music video, “Now Or Never”, from her upcoming album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. The track has a different sound from what we’ve heard from Halsey previously. It’s reflective of the cyphering, rap, and hip-hop that the singer/song-writer is a fan of, […]

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  • AR Ferdinand Releases Debut Album “Wild Fiction”

    Lauded by Magnetic and Complex Magazines El Salvador’s AR Ferdinand streams his debut album Wild Fiction beginning on March 31.  The press had this to say about Wild Fiction: “Sexy alone took over a year to perfect, but the resulting track was absolutely worth the time and effort.” – Magnetic Magazine “A jazzy, futuristic brand of […]

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  • Superbody Announce East Coast Tour

    Chattanooga’s young pop artists Superbody have announced an east coast tour for this spring.  The tour will start at the end of March and continue well into April. Tennessee natives Robert Gregg McCurry and Caleb Jackson Dills – a.k.a. Superbody –  released their sophomore album Youth Music this past Friday, March 24th.  The album is a DIY […]

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  • Review of Lilianna Wilde’s EP “Bad For You”

    Lilianna Wilde is an independent singer-songwriter who calls LA home. This ambitious and talented woman made her way into music and writing music through the back door, so to speak. You can read our Exclusive Interview from December 2015 with her here. Since we last spoke, Lilianna has been busy, she took a UCLA extension […]

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  • Exclusive Look at New Video from Pocket Dragon

    Pocket Dragon, a five piece band from London who describe their music as alternative funk, is offering everyone a free sneak peek at their new video for “Vagabond Capulet.”  This song features the band’s characteristic blend of neo-soul and fusion funk.  This cutting edge band is one that you’ll want to start talking about with your […]

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  • It’s “All Your Fault” According to Bebe Rexha

    Chances are you haven’t heard the name Bebe Rexha more than once, but get ready for it to be all Bebe all the time. Self-made breakup letter tracks like “Small Doses,” “F.F.F.” and “Atmosphere” explore topics from toxic relationships and fake friends and overbearing relationships. Rexha’s EP imitates the emotional stages of relationships of all […]

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