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  • Exclusive Interview with Pop Artist Matt LeGrand

    Charismatic Chicago pop artist Matt LeGrand is a star on the rise. With a sultry voice and catchy, well-crafted songs, he’s a Billboard chart-topping artist waiting to happen. I got the chance to talk with him about how he got started in music, whether or not his hometown of Chicago plays a role in the […]

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  • Exclusive Interview with Singer-Songwriter Lindsay Latimer

    Nashville singer-songwriter Lindsay Latimer might be soft-spoken in one-on-one conversations, but from the moment she takes the microphone and opens her mouth to sing she is nothing but a powerhouse to be reckoned with. I got the chance to speak with her about how she started performing, creating in such a music-heavy city like Nashville, […]

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  • Exclusive Interview with Parker Layton

    Up-and-coming singer-songwriter Parker Layton is looking to make a name for himself in the music industry. He just released his debut single, “Keep In Touch,” which is already making waves amongst old and new listeners. I got the chance to talk with him about the single, how he got his start, how he balances music […]

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  • Exclusive Interview with Desirée Mitchell

    Is there anything Desirée Mitchell can’t do? Not only is she a talented singer-songwriter who seems to constantly be releasing new music, but she also recently wrote and starred in her own television show, Loyalty. I got the chance to talk with Desirée about how she got started in the entertainment industry, her single “I Need That,” Loyalty, and so much […]

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  • Exclusive Interview with Late Night Episode’s Daniel Lonner

    Alt-rock band Late Night Episode, comprised of Daniel Lonner (vocals), Eric Sherman (guitar), Brett Daniel (drums) and Giovanni Stockton-Rossini (bass), might not be on your radar, but you’re definitely going to want to check out their latest project. Now, more than ever, artists are taking full creative control of their projects. Visual albums allow artists to do exactly that by providing their listeners with more […]

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