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  • Cover Wars: Edge of Seventeen

    “Edge of Seventeen” is a well-known rock anthem by singer-songwriter Stevie Nicks. The song was the third single from her first solo album Bella Donna, 1981. Nicks has said the song was written to deal with the grief of losing a beloved uncle the same week John Lennon was shot. The song has been covered […]

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  • Cover Wars: My Immortal by Evanescence

    “My Immortal” is a song by American rock band Evanescence from their debut studio album Fallen (2003). It was released in 2003, as the third single from the album. The song was entirely written by guitarist Ben Moody, with the exception of the bridge, which was later written by lead singer Amy Lee, and it […]

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  • Cover Wars: With Or Without You

    With or Without You is a U2 classic, being the second most frequently covered song. It was released in 1987, as the third track on the landmark Joshua Tree album. It became the band’s most successful single at that time, becoming the first U2 song to reach Number One on both the Billboard 100 and […]

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  • Cover Wars: Purple Rain

    This past week, the world was stunned by the loss of the international, iconic musical powerhouse that was Prince. Prince came quietly onto the music scene in the late 1970’s with two funk-pop albums that barely registered a blip on the music charts. His big breakthrough came in 1980, with his “masterpiece of sex, and […]

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  • Cover Wars: Bukowski

    “Bukowski” is the first brainchild of UK emo band Moose Blood, appearing initially as a demo in August of 2012, the same month the band first formed. A short time later, in February of 2013, the band released Moving Home EP through Fist in the Air, on which “Bukowski” was re-released. Almost a year later, Moose […]

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  • Cover Wars: The Sound of Silence

    The Sound of Silence was written by Paul Simon and was originally called The Sounds of Silence. It was written over a period of time during 1963 and 1964. Simon and Garfunkel auditioned the song in 1964, which led to a record deal with Columbia Records. The song was on their debut album Wednesday Morning […]

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