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  • Album Review: BLACKMORE’s NEO

    Los Angeles based band BLACKMORE will be releasing their new album “NEO” on July 22. It’s their first release with new vocalist K’noup (formerly of Viza) and it’s an explosive one. Starting out with grinding “Tsunami,” the album is an exploration of the questions and problems pervading the world right now. K’noup’s vocals are incredibly strong […]

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  • Review: “Overthinking” The Debut EP by Cailee Rae

    Sixteen-year-old Cailee Rae writes music that is complex and fresh.  She gives voice to the trials and tribulations that we all experience in relationships with lyrics that can be appreciated by anyone, regardless of your chronological age.  Overthinking is a well-crafted EP that while trendy and fun, is more musically sophisticated than a lot of […]

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  • Album Review: Mayberry’s “Beautiful Mess”

    When speaking of their upcoming EP, Mayberry frontman Esteban Rodriguez had one goal in mind: “Beautiful Mess is a project I’m extremely excited about. [With] songs about personal experiences, this EP is influenced by many styles and sounds that I hope will appeal to old and new listeners.” This goal is evident throughout, Beautiful Mess, Mayberry’s six […]

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