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  • It’s “All Your Fault” According to Bebe Rexha

    Chances are you haven’t heard the name Bebe Rexha more than once, but get ready for it to be all Bebe all the time. Self-made breakup letter tracks like “Small Doses,” “F.F.F.” and “Atmosphere” explore topics from toxic relationships and fake friends and overbearing relationships. Rexha’s EP imitates the emotional stages of relationships of all […]

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  • Album Review: T.R.I.P. by The Lights Out

    Bostonians, The Lights Out, dropped their new album, T.R.I.P., this week where each song has a foot in a different version of this life. T.R.I.P is certainly not an album that you can simply listen to and be done with it. It’s like those movies that you watch a few times to make sure you’re […]

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  • Exclusive Album Review of Crooked Lines by Rebekah Todd

    Rebekah Todd is a North Carolinian singer/songwriter who grew up surrounded by folk and classic rock while navigating her musical talents. Todd’s previous album Roots Burry Deep was beautifully crafted but her new album, Crooked Lines, is a different beast. An interesting fact about this album is that it was made possible by fans! Todd […]

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  • Album Review: The Attack’s “On Condition”

    Punk rock was born out of an uncertain time. In 1970’s New York, bands found themselves rebelling against the big rock of the era, instead focusing on the forgotten members of society and giving them a much needed voice. That same period saw bands throughout England rebelling against a political system that had forgotten the […]

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  • Album Review: Blaine Long Can’t Change the Sun

    It’s not too often that a contestant on a reality singing competition inspires me to go to iTunes and download an album. Especially a contestant that gets cut. A couple of weeks ago Arizona native Blaine Long hit the stage on The Voice and his buttery-warm vocals won over two of the four coaches. He […]

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