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  • A Knock at the Door: Redefining Horror

    Kelley Mack began acting when she was eight years old. Through that, she developed a desire to understand the ins and outs of what goes on behind the camera. She went on to Chapman University, studying film production and cinematography. Mack has now produced four short films and has her mind set on the next […]

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  • Movie Review: Disney Outdoes Itself with “Moana”

    There are thousands of adjectives in the English language. Find all of the positive ones, and apply them to Disney’s newest animated release, “Moana.” It is dazzling, brilliant, exciting, breathtaking, gorgeous, heart-melting, culturally respectful, and feminist. It is all of that and more. Yes, it really is that good. Moana is the hero of the […]

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  • Short Film Review: I Blame Monty Hall

    I Blame Monty Hall is a short film written and directed by Ben Mehlman and starring Reid Cox, Ben Gavin, and Jean St. James. The ten-minute feature is a chilling exercise in suspense, in which a young couple arrives at a creepy old house to be greeted by the young man’s (Ben Gavin) Aunt Rose. […]

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  • Who is Leta Lestrange?

    If you went to see Fantastic Beasts this past weekend, you know that while it isn’t a prequel to Harry Potter directly, there were a couple of references that fans picked up on. One of the most mysterious instances was a fleeting shot of a photo in Newt’s suitcase featuring a young girl named Leta […]

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  • Movie Review: Finding Kukan

    Earlier this month, Robin Lung’s new documentary, Finding Kukan, made its DOC NYC premiere and it’s bringing a much-needed wave of interest in Asian-American contributions to the film industry. Finding Kukan tells the story of Li Ling-Ai, a Chinese-American woman from Hawaii who sets out on a mission to change America’s perception of Chinese culture. […]

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  • Movie Review: A Christmas Wedding Date

    December is rapidly approaching which means spending time in front of the fireplace, drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows and making way more cookies than your heart could ever desire. It also means participating in one of my favorite holiday traditions: watching Lifetime Christmas movies. Even though I’m Jewish and personally don’t celebrate Christmas, these movies […]

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