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  • Which Is Nerdier: Pokémon Edition

    Unless you are living off the grid, and possibly under a rock, you have heard of the international phenomenon called Pokémon Go. Hordes of people, young and old, are dashing about with cell phones in hand trying to catch cute little imaginary creatures. But Pokémon is not a new concept. Pokémon was developed in 1995, […]

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  • Marvel Future Fight Celebrates Captain America’s 75th Anniversary

    The latest update of MARVEL Future Fight is timed to celebrate Captain America’s 75th Anniversary and features a special event battle stage and new characters, including Captain America (Sharon Rogers), the alternate universe daughter of Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter, who appears for the first time in any medium through MARVEL Future Fight. “For 75 years, Captain America has […]

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  • Pokémon Go: an Outsider’s Perspective

    Months ago, my husband started trying to get me to play Pokémon Go. Begging, more like it. He really wanted us to play together so we could go outside and get some much-needed exercise. I, however, am one of the few nerds that has never been a fan of Pokémon. Never. Sure there, are some cute […]

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  • Exclusive Interview with Voice Actress Kari Wahlgren

    Talk Nerdy got to chat with the incomparable Kari Wahlgren, a popular voice-over artist who has lent herself to many roles – including FLCL‘s Haruko Haruhara and Final Fantasy 12‘s Ashe. Chances are you’ve heard Kari’s work in one of your favorite shows, and we asked about what it’s like to be the voice behind […]

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  • Saints Row Creator Announces New IP

    Volition is making waves yet again in the video game world with the announcement of Agents of Mayhem, a high-octane, open-world superhero game set in the same universe as its popular Saints Row series. While the first Saints Row game mimicked Grand Theft Auto when it came to crime drama, it was enough of a […]

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