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  • Tabletop Tuesday: Dungeons and Dragons

    You’ve all heard about Dungeons and Dragons before. Maybe it was that 1983 cartoon where an amusement park toller coaster teleported a pack of kids to the titular realm. Maybe it was the series of video games. Perhaps you’ve just played some video game since that was inspired by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson’s masterpiece […]

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  • Review: Mobius Games Beacon 38

    If you’re a fan of the hit TV show Heroes, you’re probably aware of who Masi Oka is. What you probably didn’t know is that the talented actor also founded a company known as Mobius in order to create unique games aimed at challenging a wider audience. Mobius Digital has produced a few visionary pieces […]

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  • Review: Star Wars Battlefront Beta

    I’ve been a huge Star Wars fan, to the point where, in my younger days, I made a point of collecting as much Star Wars memorabilia as my nerdy teenage hands could get ahold of. I was hyped when I first saw the trailer for Battlefront, but became increasingly unhyped as more details were revealed. […]

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  • Heroes Reborn: Enigma

    A few days ago I received a code to download Heroes Reborn: Enigma before its release.  Y’all, I’m about to drop some serious gaming on your face holes. GRAPHICS.  Holy balls!  The graphics in HR:E are AHHHH-mazing.  Everything is so clean, there’s no lag time.  It’s shiny, guys.  Like, Firefly shiny. The story.  You are the […]

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  • Why I’m Taken with Destiny: The Taken King

    I’ve been playing the first major expansion ‘The Taken King’ for the extremely popular video game ‘Destiny’ for a week now (or two weeks if you count Bungie’s week-long preview of the expansion’s player-versus-player maps) and my personal viewpoint is simple: it is beyond phenomenal! After patches and updates and a pair of downloadable content […]

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