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  • Once Upon a Fashion

    Growing up in a home with a mom who’s a seamstress and costume designer, I have always had an appreciation for fashion. On a show like Once Upon a Time, it’s hard not to be enchanted by the wardrobe the characters wear. True to the fairytale nature of the show, each character has their own unique and […]

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  • Best Dressed TV: Talking About Fashion with Gigi Melton

    Marvel’s Agent Carter is one of the best-dressed shows on television right now. Vintage dresses, stylish sunglasses, and dapper suits are all just a day in the life of Emmy Award winning Costume Designer Gigi Melton who has the privilege of dressing the stunning Hayley Atwell and cast every week. I had the chance to […]

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  • Nick Cannon and RadioShack Launch the NCREDIBLE Collection

    RadioShack and Nick Cannon have teamed up for the launch of an exclusive line of new products for NCREDIBLE. The line is the first launch from a series of community-focused initiatives that will take place at Radio Shack locations worldwide. The brand will emphasize youth empowerment and community through the mission statement of “Turn Down […]

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  • The 100 Cosplay: How To Fit In With The Ice Nation Army

    Once again the wonderful Wendy Biscuit has given us a tutorial about how to Cosplay the Ice Nation army…you know, like Bellamy did in the second episode of this new season. First, a trip to the nearest Army Surplus store for regular digi camo BDU’s like these: Then you’ll need a natural sea sponge and artists loft […]

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  • Stylist to the Stars–Er, Nerds?

    Being a stylist to the stars takes patience, skill, and wisdom. Being a stylist to nerds takes so much more! April Russell’s styling business has grown in leaps and bounds this past year, largely in part to her participation in the Facebook-group-turned-nonprofit Blue Ribbon Army, which evolved from a fan group about Phoenix Comicon and […]

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