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  • Unity Days: Unifying a Fandom

    January 13th-15th was a weekend that will go down in history for The 100 fandom.  Hundreds of fans descended upon Vancouver from all corners of the world – Australia, France, the UK, the USA, Canada.  They were all coming for the very same thing, one particular thing that they had been waiting for for months.  […]

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  • Top Five Badass Moments of Stephen Amell’s Arrow

    I am still riding the high that was the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest this past weekend in Atlanta. In continuation of the fan fest’s first time in Atlanta, here is my list of Stephen Amell’s Top Five Badass Moments as the Green Arrow in The CW’s Arrow. Stephen has revitalized the state of television with his […]

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  • Introducing the “Kings of Con”

    I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking… ‘who are the Kings of Con and why do I want to meet them?’  Right?  Good questions and I’ve got your answers right here! The Kings of Con are Richard Speight, Jr. (actor, director, musician) and Rob Benedict (actor, singer, songwriter) as well as a comedy show that […]

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  • Unity Days Seeking Volunteers

    If you’re in any way involved in The 100 fandom, you’ve probably heard the term Unity Days thrown around a time or two.  It is the celebration to commemorate the 12 Nations uniting together, but more recently, it is a convention, and you have the chance to be a part of it. Unity Events Canada […]

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  • NYC Web Fest 2016 Winners Announced

    The 3rd annual NYC Web Fest was held November 11-13 this year and showcased new and upcoming web series from across the globe. It has been named one of the 6 Great New Media Festivals by Backstage, and it was an eventful weekend highlighting the best of the best in the web series world. Ninety-six series went against one another, in hopes to […]

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  • A Day at Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic-Con

    This weekend brought in the recently renamed Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic-Con (Previously Comikaze Expo). The events took place at the LA Convention Center in downtown LA, and once you got past the traffic and parking fees ($55, I’m not exaggerating), the events inside were well worth it. This event falling on Halloween Weekend only heightened […]

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