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  • Dragon Con 2016: Dragon Con Turns 30

    This year marks the 30th year for Dragon Con in Atlanta. Record attendance spiked with more than 77,000 people for the sci-fi/fantasy convention. The convention experienced many firsts this year, along with some major announcements from celebrity guests. For the first time, substantial programming was offered on Thursday, making Dragon Con a four-and-a-half day convention. […]

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  • Denver Comic Con 2016

    I had the pleasure of attending Denver Comic Con this year over Father’s Day weekend. This pop culture convention began June 15–17, 2012, and was created as a program for the non-profit educational organization Comic Book Classroom. In its inaugural year 27,700 people attended. Since then DCC has grown at a Flash-like pace. In its fifth year, […]

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  • Exclusive Interview with Gabrielle Donathan of Maise Designs

    Sewing. Leatherworking. Jewelry art. Costuming. Design. Is there anything that Gabrielle Donathan, creator of Maise Designs, can’t do? You’d be hard-pressed to find something in the world of costuming that she can’t. She has designed for Renaissance fairs, masquerades, and of course cosplay. Gabby was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule […]

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  • Cosplay Closet Essentials: Phoenix Comicon Edition

    There were screen-accurates, mashups, gender bends, and crossplays. There were beloved characters and original characters. There were about 100 Harley Quinns and just about as many Deadpools. I’m talking about the cosplay at Phoenix Comicon 2016, which came to a close yesterday. Some were store-bought, some were commissions, and some were homemade. Regardless of how […]

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