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  • Day 2: Denver Comic Con 2017

    Denver Comic Con offers impressive multi-track programming that covers comic books, cosplay, demos, education, gaming, literature, film, unity, sci-fi/fantasy, kid & teen tracks and even sci fi speed dating. As many as a dozen tracks run in a single hour, including a main event with a big name draw. I attended main events for the […]

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  • Denver Comic Con 2017 Review

    Denver Comic Con is a three day weekend of geektastic glory. In this, its fifth year, the popculture comic convention had a record-breaking 115k attendees, a slight increase over last year’s 114,500. The minimal growth is actually a relief to coordinators who can’t imagine handling any more gargantuan gains like they saw in the first […]

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  • Cosplay Closet Essentials: Weapons Essential No More?

    By now the news has likely hit the cosplay community at large, and the implications are sweeping: Phoenix Comicon banned prop weapons for the first time this year (following a harrowing attempt on celebrity Jason David Frank’s life, thankfully halted by Phoenix police before anyone was harmed), and the cosplayers were hit hard. The first […]

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  • PropBan 2017: Phoenix Comicon vs Ultrasabers

    Following the comicontroversy that was the Phoenix Comicon prop ban, things between the convention runners and the geek retail giant got heated. After an armed gunman–real firearms, not the painted Nerf guns or foam guns that were prevalent at the con Thursday night–managed to get past multiple security checkpoints before being apprehended, Phoenix Comicon issued […]

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  • Phoenix Comicontroversy: Props Prohibited

    Phoenix Comicon, the largest entertainment convention in Arizona, has just issued a directive that has fans in an uproar: following an incident involving an individual with real weapons, Phoenix Comicon has now banned all props. What does that mean, exactly? Well, let’s take a look at the mass e-mail notification sent out this evening: “Convention Director Matthew […]

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  • Wild Wild West Con 6: One Mild Afternoon

    Every year, hundreds of steampunkers in the Southwest head to Old Tucson for Wild Wild West Con. Even though I haven’t started on the sewing for the steampunk cosplays for myself and my husband, we decided to attend for a few hours to see what all the hubbub was about. It was an enjoyable afternoon, […]

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