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  • Exclusive interview with artist Holly Hughes

    Scratch board artist, Holly Hughes, creates such dead-on portraits that they’ll stop you in your tracks. Literally. In fact, it was this portrait of Jon Snow that first got my attention at Denver Comic Con. Once I saw she was using a medium I’d only ever associated with children’s art projects my mind was completely blown […]

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  • Unity Days 2018 Adds Bonus Guests to Line Up

    Just when we thought guest announcements were done rolling in, Unity Events Canada sent the fandom spiraling into a fangirl vortex with the announcement of two bonus guests. Jessica Harmon (Niylah) and Jarod Joseph (Nathan Miller) will be joining fellow cast members in Vancouver, BC this upcoming January. The announcement of Harmon and Joseph brings […]

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  • Exclusive Interview with SuperEmoFriends artist JSalvador

    Talk Nerdy With Us met JSalvador at Denver Comic Con where fans were flocked around his SuperEmoFriends table. We were so enamored with his tragic/comic take on pop culture characters that we asked to follow up with him later. Happily, he agreed and we’re pleased to share this unique and inspiring artist’s story about how he turned […]

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  • Unity Days 2018 Full Guest Lineup Announced

    There we have it, fans – the full, finalized guest lineup for Unity Days 2018 is officially here. With the announcement of Marie Avgeropoulos’ addition yesterday afternoon, fans now know the final guest appearances for January’s convention. Saturday’s guests will be Bob Morley (Bellamy Blake), Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin), Lindsey Morgan (Raven Reyes) and Nadia Hilker (Luna). […]

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  • Bob Morley Added to Unity Days 2018 Lineup

    Bellamy Blake fans can breath a little easier today after Unity Days just announced that the actor himself, Bob Morley, would be added to the lineup for this The 100 based convention in Vancouver, BC next year. Not long ago, a few of his cast mates were announced as well. These include Elize Taylor (Clarke), […]

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  • Unity Days Adds First Guests to the Lineup

    Unity Days 2018 isn’t until January, but fans already have a lot to be excited about. Unity Events has just announced six guests scheduled to appear at the event in Vancouver on January 19-21. Appearing Saturday, January 20th are Eliza Taylor (Clarke Griffin), Lindsey Morgan (Raven Reyes), and Nadia Hilker (Luna). Cast members appearing Sunday, January […]

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