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  • The Teen Wolf 6B Teaser Trailer is Here

    Teen Wolf finished filming it’s final season months ago and fans have been waiting eagerly for a sneak peek or even hint at a premiere date. Well that day is finally here. The show will be back with the final 10 episodes starting July 30th at 8pm. Not only will the show now be at […]

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  • Warner Brothers TV is Bringing 20 Series to SDCC 2017

    Warner Brothers consistently ranks as one of the biggest presences at San Diego Comic Con, and this year they are taking it to the next level. Warner Brothers television is bringing 20 of their fan favorite shows to San Diego Comic Con this year. You won’t want to miss panels, exclusive footage, and signings with the stars […]

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  • Shadowhunters Coming to SDCC 2017

    It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Kat McNamara confirmed that Shadowhunters will indeed be in attendance at San Diego Comic Con 2017. While there has been no official announcement from Freeform yet, she leaked the information to fans that were watching her Instagram Live last night. They have attended New York Comic Con […]

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  • Unity Days 2018 Announced

    With the closing of season 4, fans of The 100 were left with the hiatus blues.  The show has ended for the season, and now comes the long torturous months of waiting.  But Unity Events Canada has made the wait a little more bearable and has given fans something else to look forward to.  Unity […]

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  • Fox TV at SDCC 2017

    Fox TV is always one of the big highlights from San Diego Comic Con. From the panels, to the events, to the autograph signings, it’s definitely something to look forward to over the weekend. Everyone pretty much runs over one another for the chance of getting one of the highly coveted Fox poster tubes. The […]

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  • Cosplay Closet Essentials: Weapons Essential No More?

    By now the news has likely hit the cosplay community at large, and the implications are sweeping: Phoenix Comicon banned prop weapons for the first time this year (following a harrowing attempt on celebrity Jason David Frank’s life, thankfully halted by Phoenix police before anyone was harmed), and the cosplayers were hit hard. The first […]

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