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  • Image Comics New Releases

    Image Comics has just released a slew of new and continuing comics this week. Titles include Proxima Centauri (Farel Dalrymple), The Last Siege (Landry Q. Walker), STELLAR (Joseph Keatinge), and Shanghai Red (Christopher Sebela). Here’s my review of these new titles: Up first is Proxima Centauri #1, by Farel Dalrymple. This new title features Sherwood, […]

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  • Legend of Sumeria Review

    Legend of Sumeria boasts a hard science narrative and a storytelling technique worthy of its own televised series or movie franchise. Biju Parekkadan brings a science background that pairs well with Jay Webb’s own sense of storytelling. Webb and Parekkadan imagine a world where you must be scanned in order to buy a cup of […]

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  • Book Review: “Hello Stranger” by Lisa Kleypas

    If you are looking for an example of the perfect Victorian romance, you need go no further than Lisa Kleypas’ Hello Stranger. It has everything: a strong independent heroine, a rough but good hearted hero, a twisty plot, a setting that comes alive, and a heavy dose of wit and charm. Even though this book […]

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  • Book Review: “Smooth Talking Cowboy” by Maisey Yates

    Olivia Logan has a reputation of being Golden Valley’s sweetheart and she certainly would never get wrapped up in something even slightly scandalous. So when she’s spotted out on the town with Luke Hollister, who has quite the reputation, especially in regards to women, no one knows quite what to think. Olivia, however, is determined […]

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