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  • Exclusive Interview with Artist Petite Madame

    Petite Madame is one of the truly amazing fan artists who decorate various fandoms with gorgeous drawings, paintings, etc. I came across her work in the Supernatural fandom and I have been a fan of her work from first sight!  She is well-known for her unique style and use of color as well as some […]

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  • The 100 Cosplay: How To Fit In With The Ice Nation Army

    Once again the wonderful Wendy Biscuit has given us a tutorial about how to Cosplay the Ice Nation army…you know, like Bellamy did in the second episode of this new season. First, a trip to the nearest Army Surplus store for regular digi camo BDU’s like these: Then you’ll need a natural sea sponge and artists loft […]

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  • Exclusive Interview with Artist Denise Ferragamo

    Denise Ferragamo (@artsydenise) is a popular artist in the Supernatural fandom.  Denise is currently living in Arizona and has connected with many of the fans in the Phoenix area as well as set up in the vendor rooms at the Phoenix Supernatural convention and a small comic con in the Phoenix area. In addition to […]

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  • Exclusive Interview with Artist Aimee Johnston

    Aimee is a professional artist who grew up, lives and works in San Antonio, Texas.  She became aware of her talent early in life and attended North East School of Arts, a magnet school which allowed Aimee to concentrate on studying Visual Arts while also obtaining a foundation in liberal arts.  After graduation Aimee was […]

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