Tess Hanson

I am extremely tiny, laugh too much and hug more than the average person. I enjoy tacos, cats, and cats in taco costumes among other things, but those are the things you should know.

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    Meet Daphne Willis

    Daphne Willis may not be a name you know, but it will be soon. With well over 57,000 streams on Spotify, the Chicago native has burst onto the music scene with her latest single “Somebody’s Someone” under Barefeet Records. Upon the first play, listeners are immediately drawn in by Willis’s captivating, soulful voice backed by […]

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  • Chances are you haven’t heard the name Bebe Rexha more than once, but get ready for it to be all Bebe all the time. Self-made breakup letter tracks like “Small Doses,” “F.F.F.” and “Atmosphere” explore topics from toxic relationships and fake friends and overbearing relationships. Rexha’s EP imitates the emotional stages of relationships of all […]

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