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Fandom Speaks: This Week’s Favorites on The Flash

Sure the episode was all about finding someone new for Professor Stein to merge with so that he can go on to the Legends of Tomorrow spin-off, but while that was entertaining and fans certainly acknowledge that, there are two much more specific things that have everyone abuzz.

What are those things? Patty Spivot and the Shark Man. Together and separately, they made the episode for many fans. Why is that? Well, let’s see…

First, there was the Patty and Barry dynamic. The flirting, the awkward chemistry between them. Fans are definitely sitting up and taking note of this possible mid-game pairing and are giving it their nod of approval.

Then there’s the fact that Patty is just so eager and yet so gleefully clueless that it’s endearing. She’s a human, not a metahuman, but she seems to have no fear when it comes to taking on whatever bad guy comes her way.

Case in point? Shark Man. The undisputed favorite line from the night was Patty’s hilarious, “Put your hands – FINS in the air!”

While these were certainly the fan favorites of the night, there’s also plenty of talk about Jax and his quick but legitimate struggle to becoming half of a super hero as well as a lot of kudos for Iris in regards to how she dealt with Francine.

Does anyone think we’ve seen the last of her? Not by a long shot.

And the final question of the night: How will things play out with Harrison Wells 2.0? We’ll just have to wait and see…

Written by Erica Schaaf

Erica is a former social worker and mother of three who has been writing since she was a child. She currently writes fanfiction for the Veronica Mars and The 100 fandoms and is published on Kindle Worlds as well as and She hopes to one day have the chance to be a fly on the wall on set of her fave shows while filming!

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