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31 Times The Cast of "Chicago P.D." Redefined Squad Goals

1. When they took the most epic family photos:

2. When Marina spotted Soph on the red carpet and reacted exactly how any of us would:

3. When Linstead FINALLY happened and the cast fangirled with the rest of us:

#BTS Watching the big moment last night. Clockwise from bottom: @marinasqu averting her eyes and tweeting. @angeliquecabral yelling, jaw dropped. #MarkiePost (in plaid) feeling like my actual Mom probably did — even though she's only my mom on screen — and blushing, sinking into the floor. #PatrickFlueger grinning like a 14 year old boy. @eliaskoteas grinning like a 14 year old boy. @briangeraghty13 grinning (and hollering) like a 14 year old boy. Me hiding my bashful blushing (guys I'm actually pretty shy about love scenes) with my sweater. @jesseleesoffer laughing hysterically at everyone in his living room right before he screamed "see it's harmless!" And the moment was captured by @DerekHaasWriter who snuck off the couch to play in-home paparazzo. #family #ChicagoPD #Linstead #Happening

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4. When Jesse got sick, but Soph [kinda] saved the day:

5. When Burgess and Roman got caught ridin’ dirty:

6. When Burgess got shot and Paddy was just as worried as his character:

Followed by this dose of adorableness during a Q&A a few days later:
Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 3.32.50 PM

7. When Sophia, Jesse and Royce showed us how to take a proper gym selfie:

8. When Paddy and Marina were just as adorable off-screen as they are on:

9. Really anytime Paddy and Marina were themselves, actually.

10. When they live-tweeted themselves out:

11. When Sophia and Jesse ABSOLUTELY should have posted a photo from lunch yesterday:

12. When Burgess and her men went to Molly’s:

13. But Halstead wasn’t invited… and was maybe a little jealous:

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 6.03.19 PM

14. When they smoked cigars between takes:

Crisis Management…

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15. When Jesse just wanted to tweet, but Paddy just wanted to sing:

The serenade. Enjoy @pjflueger #chicagopd

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16. When Marina showed up to support Amy’s play, but was too excited to take a proper photo:

17. When Linstead took Christmas by storm:

18. When they went out for Paddy’s birthday:

19. Then Elias’:

20. Then Jesse’s:

21. When this epic group hug happened:

22. When Marina couldn’t hide how much she missed Paddy:

23. When Royce fell asleep onset: love to @jesseleesoffer for eventually wakin me up. Lol

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24. When Soph posted a shot of Jesse without his permission and made ZERO apologies:

The photo, just in case you missed it the first time:

25. When we almost got the Linstead/Burzek double date of our dreams:

About last night… #BurLindZekStead #ChicagoPD @michiganavemag

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26. When Jon and Sophia were on two magazine covers in the same month:

27. When they went to this concert with some of their brothers and sisters from Chicago Fire:

28. When #JesseWithAPuppy happened:

29. When… this happened?

30. When the gang strolled into Monte Carlo and completely OWNED the red carpet:

31. And finally… when Marina and Jesse took a casual pic in front of this fountain and took our breaths away:

We’ve just got to face it. The cast of NBC’s Chicago P.D. is cooler than we’ll ever be.

Chicago P.D. returns Wednesdays this Fall at 10 PM Eastern/9 PM Central on NBC.

Written by Gina Zippilli

Gina is the cohost of Meet Us At Molly's, the first ever podcast devoted to the One Chicago Franchise of Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D. and Chicago Med.

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